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Does Hydroquinone Irritation Go Away?

My dermatologist prescribed me 4% hydroquinone for my stubborn acne red marks that haven't faded even 10% in the last year. When I tried using this... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effects from Acne Scar Laser Treatment?

Hello, I understand that hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are possible side effects of laser treatment. How often does that occur even when a... READ MORE

I Have a Red Acne Scar Above my Upper Lip. How Can I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I've this acne scar for about two years. It's not an indentation, just red pigmentation and it is inflamed. I'm guessing some type of laser treatment... READ MORE

Best Way to Heal an Indented, Red, Acne Scar/cut?

I had a cyst on my face below my cheek, near my nose that I poked with a small needle to open up and then squeezed the puss out of. It has been 3... READ MORE

Does Post Inflammatory Erythema go away on it's own?

I want to know whether Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) go away on it's own.I am skin type IV but I'm sure it's PIE since the redness do blanch if I... READ MORE

Skin Damage After Clarisonic. Options?

Hi doctor i am in my 20s. I was fortunate enough to never have acne in my life. Unfortunately, last year i started using clarisonic and it broke me... READ MORE

I Have Red Acne Marks and Tried A Whitening Cream For A Month, Without Any Results. What Options Do I Have? (photo)

I have acne marks which is red in color in my face i tried a whitening cream for a month but without any benefit what is your advice? teen derm k... READ MORE

How to reduce the redness my scar developed after the scab fell off?

Recently I developed a scab due to acne infection.In a week the scab came off but the skin underneath,now exposed was very pink which now appears red... READ MORE

I would like to know more details about the punch excision or the subcision. What is the difference?

I have acne scars for almost 6 years now. i have applied many medications, tried the e-metrix , microderma. it improved a little but still the... READ MORE

Does Profractional Sciton Laser Help with Acne Scars?

I have shallow acne scars which are reddish/purple in color. I was offered to undergo two sessions of sciton laser treatment. Is it gonna help with... READ MORE

How to reduce redness? Tretinoin or Epiduo effective for scarring? (Photo)

I have been using epiduo and tretinoin for 6 months; however, redness persists and scars does not diminish. Shall I continue? READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone with to help with pigmentation while using tretinoin?

I'm on my 3rd week of tretinoin 0.05% and I still have pimples coming out that leaves dark reddish acne scars. Can I use hydroquinone to treat acne scars? READ MORE

Is This Acne or Hypertrophic Scarring? (photo)

The Red circle part.. I got a big pimple in that part half year ago, i think that pimple didn't clean up.. That is "Acne still Not Clean" or... READ MORE

Red Acne Scar Treatment?

Hello! I have numerous, very old acne ice pick scars. However, it is not really the scars that bother me, rather it is the red/brown discoloration at... READ MORE

Reducing a Flat Acne Mark/scar? (photo)

Hi. I have s scar on my face due to over picking a few pimples that were close together. It is completely flat and i have pale skin so the red scar... READ MORE

Recommended Treatment(s) for my Acne Scarring? (photo)

Hi, I am looking to get some opinions on what I can do for my scarring. The ones that bother me the most are the small ice-picks, just because there... READ MORE

How to get rid of redness in scars on your face? (photos)

I got heat rash on my nose from indoor tanning 2 months ago and at the time i had thought these tiny bumps were just a few pimples, so I foolishly... READ MORE

How Many Treatment Does It Required to Treat Moderate-severe Scarring(Maximally from Acne and a Few from Excision)?)I

Hi , I am an Indian suffering from acne since teen and now have scars all over my face.I have tried a lot of techniques from different doctors like... READ MORE

How to Even out Skin Texture and Color from Acne Scar?

I put benzoyl peroxide 10% on a pimple on my chin. It was so painful I even tried to pop it. The next day, the skin on my chin peeled off. It has been... READ MORE

Dermaroller for Acne Scars on Forehead?

I was on Accutane for 5 months and have been off of it for 2 months. I am going to wait the recommended 6 months before any treatment but I am... READ MORE

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