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Every time I get a pimple, once it goes away it leaves a pronounced red spot/scar. Why? (Photo)

Sometimes these scars actually become pimples again. I try to take good care of my skin and I always use pimple cream when I get one. I usually don't... READ MORE

How to get rid of acne scars? (photos)

I really need help.. I have been suffering from acne for about 4 years.. But now I have only one active pimple and the rest are acne scars and red... READ MORE

Good treatment for a red nose bump from acne scar?

I had a big pimple that lasted for months because it kept breaking and recovering. Now it's stable, but for three months I have this bump red scar.... READ MORE

Which treatment can you recommend for getting rid of my red spots and scars caused by acne ? (photos)

Acne scars, red spots , adult acne , improving skin texture , even skin tone Hi, what can I do about improving the texture of my combination skin?... READ MORE

Acne scars, PIH (brown and red spots all over my face). My skin type is 3. Is there any solution?

I have visited many dermatologists but they tell me that is difficult to treat my skin type because is very easy to have more pih after laser or... READ MORE

How can I get rid of acne and pitted scars on my face?

I had severe acne 4 yrs the acne is gone as I took medical help...but I m left with pitting with red spots on my cheek....that look saggy... READ MORE

How to get rid of red spots left from acne? (photo)

Is there any other way to get rid of red spots that acne leaves on your face, other than the Pulsed Dye Laser? I don't want to do a laser, but my... READ MORE

Acne scar treatments and help?

Why won't red spots on my face go away once a pimple is gone? READ MORE

Treatment For Shallow Boxscar. (photos)

I have a shallow box scar.It is the only scar I have which makes it more noticeable.I had severe acne but now most of it is gone.Some mild red spots... READ MORE

How bad will my acne scarring be once the red spots and pimples go away? (Photo)

Do I have ice pick scars? Will I have really bad acne scarring? What's the most effective way to get rid of red spots? Do I have more scars than red... READ MORE

How to remove the acne scars?

How to remove the acne scars ? . I have no pimples but red spots on my chin. READ MORE

How can I clear my really bad acne marks all over my face?

I have very bad acne scars, red spots all over my face, and acne laser treatments are very expensive, i have to cover up my face with foundation... READ MORE

How to choose an excellent doctor to treat (my kind of) acne scars? Which questions to ask? (photo)

Hi Doctors! I wish to treat my acne scars and PIH (red/purple spots). Please see attached pictures (I have Hispanic skin, 1-month-old acne scar, I'm... READ MORE

Is it possible for my face to get clear again or are these acne scars permanent? (photos)

I had pretty bad acne a few years ago, right now I just get the occasional pimple that goes away after a few days. However, there is still... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the marks from old acne? (photos)

I have red spots located around my mouth from old acne and have tried so many things but nothing has really helped, I've tried banana peel and it only... READ MORE

Best treatment for acne scars and red spots on oily face? (photos)

Sir last year some acnes came out on my face and these were such in bad condition.I went to doctors for many times.Now acnes are not on my... READ MORE

Acne is gone but I still have red spots, how can I get rid of them? Can I go in the sun?

6 months ago, I had a bad breakout from taking Marvelon. I discontinued use but my acne stayed. Months later I got prescriped Minocycline, and 3... READ MORE

What to Apply on Red Spots Which is Left After Acne?

Iam 21 yrs old gal,n iam dealing with problem of red spots which is left after acne...i tried many thnigzz,its nt working ...and as iam college going... READ MORE

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