Punch Excision + Acne Scars Treatment

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Can Punch Graft Treatment Help Remove Acne Holes on Nose?

Can punch graft treament help remove acne holes on nose? READ MORE

Do All Plastic Surgeons Perform Punch Excision? (photo)

Im trying to find a doctor to do punch excision on my acne scars. Is it only plastic surgeons who perform them, should i be looking at a hospital or a... READ MORE

I would like to know more details about the punch excision or the subcision. What is the difference?

I have acne scars for almost 6 years now. i have applied many medications, tried the e-metrix , microderma. it improved a little but still the... READ MORE

Do Punch Techniques Still Work on Scars That Have Been Treated with Laser Multiple Times.I Do Not Wish to Have Any Fillers Done.

Greetings Docs, I have underwent 5 CO2 Fractional laser & 5 Ematrix sessions (both at highest setting) and a couple of subcisions for my... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Excision and Punch Excision?

Hello Doctors, I have heard of these procedures for larger older scars that are resistant to lasers and acid peels. I have a 15 year old, sharp edged... READ MORE

Would you recommend a Punch Excision? (photos)

Scars on cheek. Have done subcision + filler twice. No result. 2 x Profractional and 1 x Smartxide. Still no results. Derm (and 1 PS) have suggested... READ MORE

2mm punch excision healing. Is this normal? (photos)

2 weeks ago I had an acne scar re-excised with a 2mm punch. The PS used 2 stitches this time as the wound opened last time. The external stitches came... READ MORE

Does punch excision leave a scar?

Two weeks ago I had a punch excision performed on a scar that was claimed to be too deep to be treated by fraxel laser. Now I have a bigger and wider... READ MORE

What acne scar treatment would be best for me? (Photo)

What acne scar treatment would be best for me? I am thinking of getting silicone injections and punch graft/excision but I'm just trying to figure out... READ MORE

Does punch graft work for my acne scars? (Photo)

I have rolling,depressed pitted scars. Skin type (iV or V) light brown. I have tried derma-rolling, subcision, punch excision(for box scars more... READ MORE

2mm punch excision is still indented 3 weeks post suture removal. Is there any chance the indentation will fill in?

For the past week, I've been massaging the scar daily but I don't think there has been any improvement. Could the area surrounding the punch still be... READ MORE

Will punch excision work for my ice pick scars? (photo)

I've tried chemical peels and the E matrix laser and nothing seemes to work. My goal would be to proceed in doing the punch excision and the Cross TCA... READ MORE

Scar from dehisced wound. What procedure do you recommended? (Photo)

4 months ago I tried to get an acne scar removed using punch excision. But the wound opened up after 8 days and the doc basically said to leave it for... READ MORE

What kind of treatment do you think would work on the icepick scars that I have on my face? (Photo)

Treatments I've had in the past are the Dermaroller and Fractional CO2. I have tried the Dermapen 2 weeks ago and the doctor combined the procedure... READ MORE

Best treatment for my acne scars? (Photos)

Hello I suffer from acne scars and I would like to know my options. The dermatologist I went to see, recommended punch excision and microneedling. He... READ MORE

Is punch excision is good for acne scars?

I had a punch excision on my scar that was on my skin and its been 2 weeks but it get worse ,the doctor promised that there will be fine line but its... READ MORE

What Are my Options when a Punch Excision Fails Repeatedly? (photo)

To remedy my ice pick scar on my nose, my doctor tried the punch excision technique twice. Since it failed both times, she cauterized the pore and... READ MORE

Where can I get either punch excision or subcision in Chico or Sacramento in California? (photos)

I have done co2 laser times 4, laser resurfacing , peels and dermabrasion. Subcision or punch excision seem like the only choices. Would you please... READ MORE

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