Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) + Acne Scars Treatment Q&A

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Is it possible to remove acne scars with PRP treatment? (Photo)

25 year old female who use to suffer from acne. Can platelet rich plasma injections be beneficial for my acne scaring? I have tried peels and... READ MORE

Does PRP treatment work for acne scars? (photo)

Does PRP treatment work for acne scars? i have some acne scaring and i was told to do the PRP treatment. READ MORE

Stem cell therapy, PRP followed by Fractionated co2 laser on skin type3/4 skin. severe to moderate deep acne scars.

Iamhaving rolling,depressed pitted scars. I have tried derma-rolling, subcision, punch excision(for box scars), and 2 fractionated co2 laser result is... READ MORE

Is a combination of skin needling + PRP considered a proven method to remove acne scars. (photos)

I went to a clinic in Indonesia to cure my acne a couple of months ago. My skin has improved significantly, most of my acnes are cleared. However, the... READ MORE

Is RF needling better treatment for atrophic acne scars than lasers? Does subcision without fillers work? What about PRP?

I had one rf needling treatment and does not see any differernce .. how many treatment does it takes to see result .. and if we want to combine prp... READ MORE

21 years female with acne scars. What do you think about my treatment program?

Sorry for my bad english :) My accutane course ended up before 16 months ago. Now I'm suffer from acne scars. I have mixed acne scars on my cheeks. My... READ MORE

Platelet-Rich Plasma or CO2 for acne scar skin? (photo)

25, asian and scar easily (hypertrophic), used to suffer from acne but not much anymore. I have both ice and box scars, uneven dull skin. What does... READ MORE

Is microneedling with the addition of PRP worth the extra cost?

Last year I completed a series of Skinpen treatments for mild acne scarring and saw slight improvement which was great as I wasn't expecting anyone to... READ MORE

I have severe acne scars and I'm convinced that different scars require different treatment. What's best for me? (photos)

(Dr. Davin Lim). I've seen many doctors to consult about my scars. However, they suggested me to have different methods ranging from dermaroller... READ MORE

Dermaroller effects on acne scars stopped working.

For my acne scars I tried fraxel and co2 in the past and got no improvement. i then used dermaroller at home. In the first couple of months I saw... READ MORE

Acne scars should I do micropen prp infini or fraxel? (photos)

Had done fraxel and ematrix before in Manhattan. Not too much help. This time I need something more fit for my skin. I am dertimined to go for a long... READ MORE

Is microneedling + PRP significantly better than microneedling + Peptide treatment?

My primary purpose is to improve texture and enlarged pores. There is a higher cost for PRP, and I'd like to determine whether or not it's worth it if... READ MORE

How if active is PRP and nano fat grafting for a 48-year-old woman's pitted acne scars? (Photo)

I have done every treatment imaginable with little improvement..The most results I've seen is improvement in texture from micro needling and recent... READ MORE

How Are PRP Injections Used to Repair Acne Scar Tissue?

Lots of cosmetic clinics are offering Platelet-rich plasma(PRP) for acne scar repair. How does PRP work on acne scars?. READ MORE

Doctor Who Performs PRP Injections for Acne Scars in Italy?

I read a post here on RealSelf about PRP injections on acne scars. I'm very interested in this procedure. I read about the same procedure on another... READ MORE

Deep acne scars - Will micro needling RF with PRP help?

Hi Doctor, I have very deep Acne scares. Could you please suggest me . Doing micro needling rf with prp 6 times will give my skin normal? what... READ MORE

Is there a permanent solution for acne scars? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old male,living in south India with a dark complexion oily skin, i have open pores on my forehead nose and cheeks left by acne, It makes... READ MORE

Laser treatment? Subcision? Mesotherapy? PRP?

I have very much confused about this types of treatment for My scar skin.... Please suggest me with whom should I go..? Which one is best treatment... READ MORE

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