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Olived Skin Hispanic with Acne Scars (Boxcar/rolling) - Best Treatment?

I am a Hispanic male in my mid 30's and I want to do something about my acne scars. I am a Hispanic with olive skin and am considering one of the... READ MORE

I Have Olive Skin, Pigmentation Spots, Acne Scars and Large Pores. What Can I Do?

I have been told i cannot do any lasers as they could damage my skin because of my colouring, so what can i do? are there lasers that can treat olive... READ MORE

Are Alma Laser Treatments Effective in Removing Acne Scars? (photo)

I am a 31 year old hispanic man with olive skin. I suffered from acne in my early 20's and was left with deep scars on both my cheeks. I have been... READ MORE

Are There Any Acne Scar Removal for Half Korean/olive Skin Tones?

I am half korean with a somewhat olive skin tone. I've had acne scars for the past few years(I'm 22)and have gotten silicone injections for... READ MORE

What Procedure Do I Need to Do for Minor Acne Spots and Brown Spots?

I have only a few freckles and about 6 reddish colored scars left over from acne. What would you recommend? I have light olive skin and have sensitive... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for acne scars and syringoma on asian skin?

I have both acne scars and syringoma around my eyes and temples. What would the best tratment be if I have asian skin? I have olive tone skin so I am... READ MORE

What treatment can help me with my deep scars? (Photos)

I have deep scars and my skin color is olive. Im currently getting vitalize chemical peel. Please advise what treatments are best for me to get rid of... READ MORE

Acne scars - what procedure would you recommend? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I have acne scars on my cheekbones. I was wondering what procedure you would recommend having done? I have yellow undertones and olive... READ MORE

Best treatment (topical or cosmetic surgery/laser) for cystic acne scars? (photos)

Wondering what is the best course of action for treating cystic acne scars? Mostly concerned about my cheeks... Pictures don't show it really well but... READ MORE

I am a female Pakistani with light olive colored skin. What Laser treatment is best for ice pick scars?

I am a female Pakistani with light olive colored skin. As a teenager, I had severe cystic acne and I finally took Accutane to help stop the formation... READ MORE

What is more effective, e-two or refirme?

I am 45 year old female -smoked for 20 yrs and have acne scarrs olive skin. i cant decide between 3 treaments of e-two or several treatments of... READ MORE

I'm wondering about treatment for moderate acne marks. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hi i have had with acne scars and marks for years now being olive skin the seem to be quite dark in the photo the marks are shown on my chin and up... READ MORE

Adult acne leaving scars on my face. Which treatments do you recommend to prevent and fix the current damage? (Photo)

I am 37, hispanic with olive skin experiencing adult acne mostly in the cheek bone area and chin. Not cystic but it is leaving dark scars on my face... READ MORE

pigmentation and acne scars

I have olive toned skin with lots of pigmentation (from acne) and acne scars on my face, what is the most effective and safe treatment READ MORE

What type of acne scars do I have, what treatments are most effective, and how much improvement can I expect? (Photo)

I've had the majority of these scars for the past 8-10 years. The pictures are taken in the harshest lighting. I have a light olive skin tone. I'm... READ MORE

I have olive skin and have had many procedures done for my acne scars: fraxel Co2, PRP, TCA, peel, subsission and dermapen.

For almost 8 years i've been trying the above procedures and none has eliminated my scars. Eventhough i've tried all the procedures few times.The only... READ MORE

Whats the best procedure for olive skin tone (latino background) for indented acne scarring?

I recently had a prp vampire facial, (only 1 session) it's been about a month now, and havent really seen MUCH difference especially in my acne... READ MORE

Best Treatment for sun damaged (olive-toned) skin?

What is the best peel, laser treatment etc. available for improving moderately sun damaged and acne scared skin on an olive toned (middle-eastern)... READ MORE

Best way to get rid of acne scarring? (Photo)

Hi everyone! I'm 21, with light olive toned oily/combo skin, I'm starting to get it my acne under control with various skin care products and a 20%... READ MORE

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