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What is the best treatment suited for these raised acne scar on my nose? (photo)

Some say it's called sebaceous hyperplasia. I used to have cystic pimples on my nose and every time they begin to heal, they leave me with a slightly... READ MORE

Scarring on Nose After Acne? (photo)

Well im 20 years old, alot of acne on my nose and using alot of benozyl peroxide, glycolic acid etc has caused spider veins on my nose and... READ MORE

Raised Acne Scars on Nose - How to Get Rid of Them?

I'm a Male,22yrs,having Raised Acne Scars on my Nose for Last 7yrs. How to Get Rid of Them? my face has a T-zone.where my nose and forehead is... READ MORE

What Alternatives To Accutane Can Correct Sebacious Hyperplasia and Hypertrophic/Keloid Scarring On Nose?

Two problems on my nose. How can I treat the Sebaceous Hyperlasia without using Accutane(Derm offered it, but I refused)? What can I do about the... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for These Kind of Nose Scars? (photo)

Ive had these scars for almost 10 years now. These were the results of popping cysts and humongous blackheads. What is the best treatment for them? READ MORE

How can i get rid of a huge hole in my nose caused by acne?

Last year I got a huge bump in the middle of my nose and I've tried everything from laser to chemical peels to get rid of it. A doctor in Milwaukee,... READ MORE

Mystery bump on nose that won't go away. Sebaceous hyperplasia? Hypertrophic scar? (photo)

It's been 10 years since I got this bump on nose. Initially I thought it was a pimple and it would go away. MY mother made me apply retinoid on it and... READ MORE

I Have Large Pore Scars on my Nose That I Had a Doctor Do a "Test Spot" with a Laser. He

I have large pore scars on my nose. Some look like 2 or 3 pores joined together to make 1 huge pore. About 8-10 that look like ice pick scars and are... READ MORE

Can Punch Graft Treatment Help Remove Acne Holes on Nose?

Can punch graft treament help remove acne holes on nose? READ MORE

How do I fix acne crater scars on my nose? (photo)

10 Years ago I would get really deep acne on my nose that would become inflamed and very tender. I had someone recommend to poke the pore with a... READ MORE

Indented Depressed Scars on Nose That Looks Like Very Large Pores? (photo)

Indented scars on my nose that looks like very large pores and are very obvious under brightly lit area. The scars has been there for many years... READ MORE

Do Scars on Nose Heal on Its Own? I'm Only 17 at the Moment and I Had the Scars for 2 Years Now.

Hi I suffered from acne on nose when I was 14 it was huge but then when the acne healed,, it left a crater life scar on my nose but it's not very... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sebaceous Gland Acne Scars on Nose?

I have elevated acne scars on my nose that I am pretty sure come from sebaceous glands. They do not seem to go away. I have tried CO2 laser, TCA... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Ice Pick Scars on Nasal Area?

I'm 33. I got scars from the whiteheads and blackheads that popped out, even for those that I did not prick. Must be the genetics of my skin. Is... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scars on Nose?

What is the best proven treatment for ice pick scars on the nasal area? I read that the nasal area is quite sensitive compared to other parts of the... READ MORE

Treatment to Reduce Acne Scar on Nose?

I have a scar on my nose due to a pimple. Now it is deep and big. I heard that scars on nose are hard to cure. Is there anyway I can reduce it? READ MORE

Treatment for blackhead scars?

I had blackheads for many of my teenage years. now that they're gone, they've left me with visible holes all over my nose, cheek and forehead. I don't... READ MORE

Removing Acne Scars on Nose Wings

Is it different or more/less complex than removing scars on other face areas like nose and eyebrows? Also, I do suffer from acne conglobata but... READ MORE

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