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I tried fraxel on my lower half face, the fraxel made my scars worse. How Do I Treat my Acne Scars? (photo)

I suffer from acne scars, I tried fraxel on my lower half face, the fraxel made my scars worse and developed scars I had never seen before, i had only... READ MORE

How can I heal or fix an indented shallow scar on my forehead?

There was a zit on my forehead that then turned into a big swollen lump, like a cyst I guess and I picked at it to later have the layer of skin peel... READ MORE

Hard lumps 1 month after subcision (Photo)

I went for subcision for atropic acne scars last month 29/04/2016 as per doctor suggestion from this forum. after swelling down completely i have... READ MORE

Cheek dent after acne? (Photo)

Hi, a lump has formed at my cheekbone area after an acne outbreak. Now it appears as if there is a dent at my cheekbone area and is very obvious when... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a 2 year old acne scar?

How can I get rid of a 2 year old acne scar? It's flesh colored and elevated. It's looks like a large lump and difficult to hide with makeup. Could... READ MORE

TCA Cross? Lasers? What treatment(s) for treating these acne scars, texture? Cost/ location not an issue. (photos)

26 F. I have had 5 fraxel treatments (2+ years ago) and 3 dermapen treatments (~1 year ago). I apply tazorac nightly (on and off for ~9 years). About... READ MORE

Is lumpy skin normal a few days after hyaluronic acid injections for acne scarring?

Just over 1 day ago, I had hyaluronic acid injections for acne scarring on my cheeks. I left the physician's office looking a little red and inflamed,... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Surgical Scars?

Hello, just recently went for a scar revision with excision. It looks worst than before. Its basically red, indented, and, lumpy. What can I do about... READ MORE

Can a dermal graft for acne scarring be removed?

A doctor in Brisbane (Australia) negligently allowed a rookie doctor to perform a few grafts on me to correct indentations from cystic acne scarring.... READ MORE

Bruising, hyperpigmentation, redness after fillers for acne scars? Am I still healing and will these issues go down soon?

Hi Its been 11 days since I had fillers to my acne scars. Although some swelling has gone done, I still have slightly a hyperpigmentation/bruising... READ MORE

I've always had slight acne and now have lumps from scaring is there a way to get rid of this please? (photos)

I need help with my skin. This has happened mostly around the chin area and some of these lumps flare up & down they can also be very painful,... READ MORE

What type of acne do I have? What are the best treatment options to consider? (Photo)

I'm a 22 year old female who has suffered from cystic acne in the past. Fortunately, after taking birth control most of my cystic acne has reduced... READ MORE

Is there any dermatologist in TX or close to TX that have before and after pics of a deep acne scar removal job they did?(photo)

I have boxcar and icepick scars all over my cheeks and forehead the worst part is my cheeks. icepick acne on my upper lip, lump acne scars on my chin.... READ MORE

What is it doc? Should I check up? Or it will cure them self ? (photos)

Hey doc, im 15 years old, i have some trouble with my face, i have many acne and it gave my face scars. but thats not my point, i have something like... READ MORE

Can I Excise This Current Excision Scar Or Will 6 Days After The Previous One Be Too Hard On My Skin?

I had a scar excision 6 days ago. I have a bad Scar from Scar Excision (Too Much Tension, Not Closed with Everted Probably) It is not healing... READ MORE

What solution will work best for this type of acne scarring on the nose? (Photo)

My derm has prescribed me Retin-A cream, but that's just about it. If I can get more help and feed back from you guys it can really help me solve my... READ MORE

Will diathermy work on soft raised lump on chin?

I had an acne cyst aprox 3 months ago and when it healed it left a soft raised round lump. Purple in colour. My doctor said the cyst had left a pocket... READ MORE

What treatment is available for small red raised soft lump, on chin from an acne cyst?

I have a small raised soft lump or scar that was left from an acne cyst. Its on my chin. It feels very soft like my normal skin but gives my skin an... READ MORE

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