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Is 1.9% Hydroquinone Enough to Whiten and Lighten Dark Spots? I Am Using Fair and White Cream.

I suffer from acne scars and i am currently using Acretin that contains 0.05% Tretinoin and my doctor has prescribed a whitening cream for my acne... READ MORE

I Am Taking Placenta White Oral Supplement. Will It Helps Lighten my Acne Scars?

I Am Taking Placenta White Oral Supplement. Will It Helps Lighten my Acne Scars? READ MORE

Can PIH spots come back after ceasing hydroquinone therapy?

I am considering using 2%hydroquinone to lighten up my acne scaars ,i do not have melasma or hyperpigmentation of sorts.I was wondering if (like... READ MORE

Facial at spa left my acne scars permanent and will never go away. Please help! What could I do to lighten them? (Photo)

There was a time where I was breaking out on my cheeks and I decided to go to a facial spa to treat my skin. They did whatever to treat my skin, but... READ MORE

Skin discoloration, blemishes and acne on African American skin. (photos)

I have always had acne. A few months ago, i went to see my dermatologist who prescribed me tri Luma to lighten up my acne marks since my acne was... READ MORE

Does Biafine cream lighting the dark acne scar?

I see it everywhere Celebrities love it and it has been written about in top magazines How it good for skin but does it really treat acne scars? READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can fix my bad skin pigmentation/complexion and lighten my skin tone? (photos)

I want to get rid of all the redness and acne scars. I also want to lighten my skin tone to the color of my natural skin tone. When I was little I... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the hyperpigmentation left by my acne? (Photo)

I had a horrid breakout a few years ago, and when the acne had finally left my face, it left dark spots all over where the acne had been. i haven't... READ MORE

How I can enlighten or remove these black spots? My skin is pretty sensitive too.

Hi! About 1 month ago I burnt my face (a little) with an acne remover product and it made my skin burn! I washed my face and then the next day my skin... READ MORE

Need help lightening my blemishes from acne scars. African American dark complexion and easily hyperpigmented skin. (Photos)

I wrote on here a few months about my skin. I had a really bad break out that left me with cyst bumps and the topical cream my derm prescribed for... READ MORE

I've been having skin problems like black scars and ice pick scars, what would be the best method for me to proceed on? (photo)

How do I lighten, and erase the roughness on my skin for clarity? Because as you see, facial scrubs and merchandise has made it worse. READ MORE

How to get rid of dark acne scars? (Photo)

The marks on my forehead are from about 1 and half to 2 years ago. I have tried every product and spent over $150 on different skin lightening and... READ MORE

Will my skin ever return to its natural complexion?

I have acne-prone skin. I began using benzyl peroxide creams prescribed by my dermatologist, I was also taking birth control pills. After daily use,... READ MORE

How to light skin from acne or pimple scars? (Photo)

What products works best to get rid of dark spot from a pimple? This is in my leg and is been there for about two years now and I would like to get... READ MORE

My acne scars got deeper after I use a product containing silicone.

My acne scars gets deep after I use a product containing silicone like dimethicone, cyclomethicone (sunscreen or skin lightening cream). this problem... READ MORE

Severe butt acne scars. How can I lighten or remove the scars? (Photo)

I really need help. i always have butt acne which eventually become scars. i have an ugly butt cheek and it made me lose all my confident. pls help me... READ MORE

Is Contractubex Safe for Removing Acne Scars?

I am male, 31 years old. I have had a problem with acne vulgaris and nodular acne for 14 years and now, I have acne scar and its making me... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove/lighten/conceal ear scars from acne? (Photo)

A couple of years ago, I got many pimples in my ear and they left huge crater like scars along my ear concha. I've researched a lot online but I can't... READ MORE

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