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Does Hydroquinone Irritation Go Away?

My dermatologist prescribed me 4% hydroquinone for my stubborn acne red marks that haven't faded even 10% in the last year. When I tried using this... READ MORE

I Had Acne for 2 Years, and Now Im Suffering from Acne Scars on my Cheeks, How To Treat?

Im using contractubex gel since 2 days now.. i apply it once a day on my face because it causes me irritation and itching.. should i continue applying... READ MORE

My Skin is Irritated & my Acne Spots Are Darker with Hollowed Spots After Hydroquinone Use. Is It Permanent and How to Fix It?

My derm prescribed concentrated hydroquinone for my acne spots to be used with acne cream Differin. After using them together for 2 months, my skin... READ MORE

Acne and their marks. My prescriptions caused my skin to become extremely irritated. (Photo)

Hi! I am a 34 yr old male. For the past 15 years I have been suffering from severe acne and its marks. Recently my doctor prescribed me Isotroin 20... READ MORE

Retinoic cream and contractubex.

I have a small raised scar in my face. I am currently in a tretinoin treatment (7th week). Can i apply contractubex over the raised facial scar? Will... READ MORE

What laser or other treatment(s) are recommended for large pores with some acne scarring? I am 61 years old.

I have oily to normal/dry skin; some wrinkles, but not too bad. I have tried Retinoids, but skin cannot seem to tolerate it without fairly bad... READ MORE

How many days melalite takes to fade acne scar?

I have got a post acne pigmentation Single mark between two eye brows Which is big and irritating I am loosing self confidence because of that READ MORE

Does msm cream and retinoid/differin work together?

I've been using msm cream on my face for acne scars with great results ! I decided to go to a dermatologist too see if there's something that can also... READ MORE

Would like some takes on my Post Acne Redness/Scarring. (photos)

Got over the main hump of Acne. Wondering how I should go about it with treatment, also anything over the counter that can help. Besides that, I have... READ MORE

Acne scar treatment: Is this PIE or just healing? (photos)

Today is sat jan 28th and mon jan 23rd i had a pimple in between my eyebrows and i put some apple cider vinegar on it & it either burned my skin... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my acne and scars? (photos)

There are days when my face is clearing up and then all of a sudden I wake up with a face full of acne or irritated skin. I don't know what I'm doing... READ MORE

Please how do I get rid of my acne scars for almost 4 to 5 years now? (Photos)

My acne was so severe but now gone. It's being years now. Please the scars are very irritating. I'm an African from Ghana and with a dark skin. Please... READ MORE

How to remove this pimples marks? (photos)

Hi, my name is kriti. As you can see my pimple picture. I just want to get rid of this. It felt very irritating for me. Plz plz plz gave a solution... READ MORE

Will these acne scars go away? (Photos)

I have to severe acne scars. I picked it two weeks ago and the skin came off. Now it's red irritated and nasty looking. Please answer in so depressed... READ MORE

I'm just trying to clear my skin and get rid of acne scars, dark spots, and make my face evenly colored. (photos)

I started using the clean and clear men acne face wash. The acne started going away but dark spots came up. Then I switched to a lightening bar soap... READ MORE

I popped a pimple on my nose which has resulted into a crazy scar. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've always had a forehead filled with tiny pimples not sure if i can call them whiteheads because they were headless and also small zits like 2-3... READ MORE

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