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How to Treat This Old Indented Scar? (photo)

Scar is more than 6 years old. I believe caused by combination during from acne and sun damage. This is probably the worse it can be seen.Will Erbium... READ MORE

Indented Acne Scar? (photo)

Hi I have indented scars ,Please find the attached photo .Please susgsets me some suitable cream ,To resurface new skin and let me know if I can... READ MORE

Acne Injection Left Me With Dent. When Will it Improve?

1 month ago I had a pimple on my cheek and my dermatologist injected something on it, 2 weeks later after the injection it developed into a very... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Help with Rolling Acne Scars? if Not, What Does?

Inhave rolling acne scars, i believe, they are shallow indented scars that have no sharp edges. they show up looking creases in my cheeks when i smile... READ MORE

What Type of Treatment Do You Suggest for Ice Pick Scars and Rolling Scars from Post Acne?

Broke out for the first time ever with cystic acne in Dec 2010. Went on antibiotics (Doxycycline and Tetracycline) for 3 months along with topicals... READ MORE

Indented Depressed Scars on Nose That Looks Like Very Large Pores? (photo)

Indented scars on my nose that looks like very large pores and are very obvious under brightly lit area. The scars has been there for many years... READ MORE

What treatments can I seek to improve my (indented) acne scarring, enlarged pores, and oily skin? (photos)

I am a 20 year old girl who has suffered acne since she was 8 years old. While at first such acne stayed at my forehead, my acne (including painful... READ MORE

White Acne Scars on Chest and Back, Some Raised, Some Indented. Options? (photo)

I have white acne scars all over my chest and back.Some are a little raised and some indented.After I tried derma roller they got so much worse-it... READ MORE

Slight Indent on Tip of Nose in the Middle, I Think Due to the Squeezing out of Blackheads?

I was squeezing blackheads out of my nose about a week I have noticed a slight indentation in the middle of my nose. Im not really sure if... READ MORE

Best Way to Heal an Indented, Red, Acne Scar/cut?

I had a cyst on my face below my cheek, near my nose that I poked with a small needle to open up and then squeezed the puss out of. It has been 3... READ MORE

How do I get rid of indented acne scars? (photos)

I am a 37 yrs old woman. I have acne scars from teenage acne. I have tried several treatments such as needling, subcision, chemical peels etc.... READ MORE

Indented Area After Spot/cyst? (photo)

A few weeks back I had a hudge spot on my forehead which I believe was a cystic lump. I woke up one morning and It had somehow drained and its left a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of my Acne Scars/indentations? (photo)

I have acne scars/indentations that cover both my cheeks. I am now 16 and I am even more conscious about how I look and i try to cover it up with... READ MORE

Scar Within Forehead Wrinkle -- How to Remove It and Remove Wrinkle? (photo)

I had an acne flair up about 8 months ago, including two spots right next to each other in my horizontal forehead wrinkle. Now, it looks like one long... READ MORE

Possible to Remove Depressions Caused by Acne?

Is it possible to remove big holes due to acne? i already took microdermabration treatment but it did not give such type of result.. READ MORE

Will This Scar Possibly Improve or Heal? (photo)

There is this one scar on my cheek really bother me for years caused by pimples and sun damage. I got diagnosed saying "mild" acne scarring but the... READ MORE

Recommended Treatment for Indented Scars on Cheek - (Los Angeles Area)? (photo)

What treatment would be best for the two indented acne scars on my cheek (see pic)? No significant additional acne scars nor active acne now, these... READ MORE

Will my indented acne scars fade on there own? If not, what treatment will help me get the best results. (photos)

I'm a 20 year old female but as you can see my skin looks much older. My scarring has only been this bad as of recently, after a really bad breakout... READ MORE

What treatment(s) would result in the best improvement levels for severe acne scarring? (photos)

I have quite extensive acne scarring on both my cheeks and am seeking advice on what treatments I should pursue to improve the my skins overall... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Indented Acne Scars?

I have very deep acne scars with pigmentation in my skin. I have had many chemical peels, 20+ microdermabrasion treatments that did not make a... READ MORE

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