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Does Hydroquinone Irritation Go Away?

My dermatologist prescribed me 4% hydroquinone for my stubborn acne red marks that haven't faded even 10% in the last year. When I tried using this... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Acne Marks and Fix Discoloration?

I have had acne for 4 years, it is now gone, but there are alot of dark marks left over, and i started using skin lightening products that contained... READ MORE

How do you get rid of reddish brownish acne scars?

I have a lot of brownish-reddish pigmentation from acne. I am Asian and I keloid so I think a lot of procedures are not an option for me. I have tried... READ MORE

Is 1.9% Hydroquinone Enough to Whiten and Lighten Dark Spots? I Am Using Fair and White Cream.

I suffer from acne scars and i am currently using Acretin that contains 0.05% Tretinoin and my doctor has prescribed a whitening cream for my acne... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 4% Side Effects?

Hi, after using 4% hydroquinone for dark spots out of acne, I noticed dark- brownish signs on my face. these signs did not fade away. my skin is... READ MORE

Salicylic Acid vs 2% Hydroquinone For Hyperpigmentation?

Which one of the two would be better for post acne hyperpigmentation or if you have any other non prescription suggestions. Thanks! READ MORE

Should I spot treat Hydroquinone/Retinol on my middle eastern skin to lighten hyper-pigmented acne scars?

I'm 44 and of Persian descent. I don't know if I should be putting product all over my skin or applying spot treatment only. READ MORE

Can glycolic acid and hydroquinone 2% improve acne scars and hyperpigmentation together?

I have backne dark spots and acne scars. Using Glicolic acid 70% once a week for not more than 7 minutes helped me to lighten the area. Now I want to... READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone with to help with pigmentation while using tretinoin?

I'm on my 3rd week of tretinoin 0.05% and I still have pimples coming out that leaves dark reddish acne scars. Can I use hydroquinone to treat acne scars? READ MORE

My Skin is Irritated & my Acne Spots Are Darker with Hollowed Spots After Hydroquinone Use. Is It Permanent and How to Fix It?

My derm prescribed concentrated hydroquinone for my acne spots to be used with acne cream Differin. After using them together for 2 months, my skin... READ MORE

Can PIH spots come back after ceasing hydroquinone therapy?

I am considering using 2%hydroquinone to lighten up my acne scaars ,i do not have melasma or hyperpigmentation of sorts.I was wondering if (like... READ MORE

What treatment will be most effective for reducing post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation left over from acne?

I have quite a bit of reddish pigmentation on my face from picking at acne over the years. I have been given a prescription for Hydroquinone and... READ MORE

My skin was destroyed by acne and I have a lot of scars. I'm sure I suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. (Photo)

How should I treat it? Is hydroquinone safe, I here there's some really adverse side effects? Are most dermatologist capable of treating someone of my... READ MORE

How to get rid of post acne marks? (photos)

I recently got on birth control which caused my skin to break out. I have managed the break out, but on one side of my face i have two or three red... READ MORE

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation from acne scars?

I'm in my adolescence, and much of my acne scars to the point where my forehead is clouded with brown marks and spots. From multiple sources, I've... READ MORE

My acne scar has turned into mole. What do I do about it? I haven't seen such case with anyone (Photo)

I had been having acne scars for past 5-6 years. But then i tried some product like 3 years ago it turned my scars into moles. I seeked help from a... READ MORE

Acne marks never fade?

Hello, I have dark acne marks on back. Now I am using hydroquinone 3% with tretinoin ( since 1 month ) . But my doctor said some marks never fade, is... READ MORE

Can white spots from acne scars treated with hydroquinone ever regain pigment? (Photo)

I have melasma and have used hydroquinone in the past off and on. At age 40 I started breaking out like crazy. I put hydroquinone on my skin hoping to... READ MORE

What type of treatments are best for my acne scarring? (Photos)

I'm 35 yo frustrated Hispanic. A little of my history.I've had one tca peel I think 35%, one erbium laser, three fractional lasers, and quite a few... READ MORE

How long does it take the effect of hydroquinone to be reversed?

I used a bleaching cream containing 2% hydroquinone for close to a month all I wanted was to fade the acne scars on my face but I ended up getting... READ MORE

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