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How can I treat the pimples and holes on my face? (Photo)

My age is 19 years but i look like 24 why i dont know but due to pimples and scars. and i feel oily even though i wash my face with oil free soap READ MORE

I Squeezed a Blackhead on my Forehead and Now Im Left with a Small Deep Black Hole. What to Do?

I Squeezed a Blackhead on my Forehead and Now Im Left with a Small Deep Black Hole. What to Do? READ MORE

How can i get rid of a huge hole in my nose caused by acne?

Last year I got a huge bump in the middle of my nose and I've tried everything from laser to chemical peels to get rid of it. A doctor in Milwaukee,... READ MORE

I have a big black head hole 1.5mm wide. How to remove it? (photos)

Its on my cheek's upper part below 1inch of my eye.its a simple hole .i had this from last couple of years i want to remove this because it noticable. READ MORE

Treatment for blackhead scars?

I had blackheads for many of my teenage years. now that they're gone, they've left me with visible holes all over my nose, cheek and forehead. I don't... READ MORE

How to get rid of deep acne scars like holes or craters on either side of cheeks ?

Yes they are acne scars. I have been on several acne medication for the past year..right now am using sotret 20mg a day....the acne comes n goes... READ MORE

Hole on nose from blackhead! What can I do to get rid of it? (Photo)

Around 6 months ago I picked at a large blackhead that had been on my nose for moths, it scabies and I picked at it once more. I was left with hop in... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Lift Many Small and Big Deep and Shallow Acne Scars?

I am a sufferer on of acne. I went with oral isotretinoin twice. My present concern now is some minoy acne black heads but my biggest problem now is... READ MORE

Does punch excision leave a scar?

Two weeks ago I had a punch excision performed on a scar that was claimed to be too deep to be treated by fraxel laser. Now I have a bigger and wider... READ MORE

What Should I Do? Acne Since 2005, Losing Hope? (photo)

Im 23 old..i have acne problem since 2005..i tried different still nothing changed...i have some small holes not that deep,as if it... READ MORE

How do I treat my pimples, scars, and holes which have developed due to those pimples? (photos)

I have been having acne since the past 5 years. Doctors said it was due to hormonal changes and that it go off in a few months . But later it started... READ MORE

About holes on my face. Any suggestions?

I am 21 years old,pimples were all over my face and those resulted to holes on my face very badly and my skin type is oily so please give a solution... READ MORE

My face has pimples/scars/holes/blackheads all over. What to do?

I have been suffering from acne problem since last 6 i am 19.i consulted 2 3 doctors.i tried most of natural remedies.blackheads are on... READ MORE

Acne, stretch marks/hole in my face; treatment? (Photos)

Hi there, i will soon be 26 years of age and used to have acne when i was 17-18 years old. Now they are back. They dont scare me a lot, but my main... READ MORE

I Suffered Severe Acne, and Now I Have a Hole in my Face. Please Help Me Fix This? (photo)

Still suffering from the last bit of acne, I have had major depression the last 2 years and through my worst time I picked a pimple to the point where... READ MORE

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