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Olived Skin Hispanic with Acne Scars (Boxcar/rolling) - Best Treatment?

I am a Hispanic male in my mid 30's and I want to do something about my acne scars. I am a Hispanic with olive skin and am considering one of the... READ MORE

Please Help Me With My Acne/Severe Acne Scarring? (photo)

I have been dealing with severe acne throughout my whole teenage experience and up until now have it has been causing severe self-confidence issues. I... READ MORE

Are Alma Laser Treatments Effective in Removing Acne Scars? (photo)

I am a 31 year old hispanic man with olive skin. I suffered from acne in my early 20's and was left with deep scars on both my cheeks. I have been... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Treating Acne Scars if I Also Have Rosacea?

White hispanic female 32, nursing a baby. I was diagnosed with rosacea when I was 24.I had acne before. I started taking Accutane when I was 20,... READ MORE

How can I treat indented acne scars to get a smoother face? I'm Hispanic and was told that laser resurfacing won't work. (Photo)

I suffered from acne since i was about 13 but about a year ago i had an extreme case of cystic acne that has since been resolved. I do however have... READ MORE

What type of treatment do you recommend for melasma for people with dark pigmentation? (photo)

I'm Hispanic and have melasma on just one of my cheeks. I have seen numerous dermatologists and used a variety of skin lighteners and brightening... READ MORE

What type of treatments are best for my acne scarring? (Photos)

I'm 35 yo frustrated Hispanic. A little of my history.I've had one tca peel I think 35%, one erbium laser, three fractional lasers, and quite a few... READ MORE

Which treatment(s) would work best to get rid of acne scars and purple spots on the Hispanic skin? (Photos)

Hi, I have 1 month old acne scars and a purple spot. I live in Sweden but I am willing to travel just to get the best possible treatment. I am looking... READ MORE

Which skin resurfacing laser is best for a dark skin hispanic with rolling acne scars?

I've been to multiple consultations. All say I need 3 fraxel treatments. However, I heard there are different fraxel lasers and a lot of people don't... READ MORE

Best treatment to get rid of box and rolling scars on hispanic skin?

I have one big boxscar and two minor rolling scars just at the side of my nose and these are also red/purple. I got these because I was dum enough to... READ MORE

Best Treatments for my Acne Scars? (Photos)

Hello, I'm a 24 years old female, Hispanic. I've had acne since many years (and still have) and sadly for me it has left many scars and I still keep... READ MORE

I need a laser/peel or anything that can help reduce or diminish acne marks, pitted ones?

I have afew acne pitted scars on my face and little of "pregnancy mask" left after my pregnancy. I have been put on a prescribed lightining cream by... READ MORE

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