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For Shallow Acne Scars (Shallow and Rolling), is There a Time-frame for Healing?

My daughter has suddenly developed shallow acne scars on her left cheek and around her mouth - within the last three months. We are currently seeing a... READ MORE

What Steps Should I Take While Acne Scar is Healing?

I had a pimple on my nose that would not heal until I removed the small hard, deep core. It is starting to heal now but is still not "dry" I... READ MORE

What route should I take to improve these facial scars and texture? (photos)

I have mild acne scars, and skin texture issues. I received pearl fractional which left me with 100's of scarred micro holes from lazer which made... READ MORE

Acne Scars Still looking for answers. Surgical techniques over lasers? Microneedling? Rf Had 3 fractional and 2 full co2.(Photo)

Hi I've asked several questions on here desperate for advice. I've already had 3 fractional and 2 full co2 lasers. Should I try surgical tech instead?... READ MORE

2mm punch excision healing. Is this normal? (photos)

2 weeks ago I had an acne scar re-excised with a 2mm punch. The PS used 2 stitches this time as the wound opened last time. The external stitches came... READ MORE

Is acne scarring removable by skin buffing?

Hi, I am in NY. I have had acne pitting for most of my life. I have done subsision and undermining together with fraxial laser treatments which I had... READ MORE

Is PRP Beneficial to Healing After Dermabrasion?

I am going to have full-face dermabrasion (using diamond head roller) However, my doctor said he does not provide any service that helps healing... READ MORE

How to heal scabs on my face?

Ive had acne for many yrs. i pick at them and they turn into scabs. ive been to many drs taken many medication sincluding acutane. they did not help.... READ MORE

What kind of scarring is this? (photos)

It looks like it is healing on its own...this scarring is from a cystic acne outbreak a year ago.I'm 23. What are my options?This is the worst angle... READ MORE

What Kind Of Laser Therapy/Chemical Peels/Medications Works w/ Healing Severe Body Acne/Scarring/(After Acne)Brown Spots?(photo)

Hello. I Have Severe Acne On Both Of My Upper Arms, Back, Chest & Shoulders. I've Had Experience With Micro-Needling In The Past, But It Seems That It... READ MORE

Can these scars be removed by laser treatment? (photos)

I had cystic acne since 2 years ago and developed scars all over my cheeks. May I know what is the best laser treatment to treat my deep boxscar and... READ MORE

I have an acne wound on my chin that is over a month old. How do I get this to fill back in and heal up fast?

I hate to say that I do mess with it and really try not to. I need this to heal up and fill in. there are a lot of white rubbery cores in the wound... READ MORE

Any suggestions on scar removing laser treatment and derma rolling treatment?

I have acne scars on my nose ,nose area,cheeks and forehead.I want to know can laser and dermarolling treatments heal /remove all my scars and clear... READ MORE

I popped small, slightly noticeable, blackheads on my nose, which left a dark brown scar. How do I heal this scar?

I was worried about the tiny blackheads on my nose so i tried to pinch them out. And the part that i pinched become a darker shade of brown than my... READ MORE

Can Skinpen cause stretch marks? I have them now where there were none. Scared!

I recently did my 6th Skinpen treatment. My skin was good but wanted one more for good measure. She went aggressively this time and I was very red and... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for acne scar? (photos)

I got this from a pimple and during the healing process i picked at it when I know I shouldn't have. Now there's a scar where it's slightly raised and... READ MORE

Excision Acne Scaring. What can I do in the following weeks to help heal this? (photos)

I had three acne scars excised from my cheek 10 days ago. The results are depressing. The scars are much more noticeable. Wider. Deeper. And red in... READ MORE

Acne scar excision healing (photo)

Hi , I had two acne scars excision . One by my smile line he used about 5 stitches . That one so far is healing like a line . The other one is on my... READ MORE

Will dents from cortisone shots go away gradually or at once? And is there anything I can do to help it heal faster?

About a month ago, I got a cortisone shot on my forehead right above my eyebrow. I noticed two a blue shading in that area and realized that I had two... READ MORE

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