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How can I fade away these acne marks? Fast and affordable method please (Photo)

I use epiduo gel, cetaphil , glycolic and kojic soap , witch hazel, retinoin and bleaching lotion to help fade the marks and prevent new acne from... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

I have acne scars left and i did chemical peel glycolic 4 times by my dermatlogist and over the four times my skin improved it got rid of most of the... READ MORE

Can glycolic acid and hydroquinone 2% improve acne scars and hyperpigmentation together?

I have backne dark spots and acne scars. Using Glicolic acid 70% once a week for not more than 7 minutes helped me to lighten the area. Now I want to... READ MORE

I have acne prone skin. Now I have acne marks. Any suggestions?

I have acne prone skin, orally i take doxol- lb capsules and rantac , and i used benzoyl peroxide 2.5% topically, now acne has gone but have left... READ MORE

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation from acne scars?

I'm in my adolescence, and much of my acne scars to the point where my forehead is clouded with brown marks and spots. From multiple sources, I've... READ MORE

Is there hope for my scarring? Would dermabrasion help, or should I keep taking my time with low percent peels? (Photo)

I had horrible cystic acne on my chest and shoulders. Most of the scars seem to not be deep into my skin while some others nothing will probably help.... READ MORE

Comparing three acne products, which one is the best combination?

I went to see two different doctors for my acne. One doctor suggested BenzaClin and a compound of 2% salicylic acid and 5% glycolic acid. Another... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Glycolic Acid Cream 6 % Daily on my Skin at Night Before Sleeping?

How much of the cream should i apply on my skin?i have oily and acne prone skin?what else should i include in my skin care routine...should i... READ MORE

What type of treatments are best for my acne scarring? (Photos)

I'm 35 yo frustrated Hispanic. A little of my history.I've had one tca peel I think 35%, one erbium laser, three fractional lasers, and quite a few... READ MORE

Is it safe to use a 10% glycolic acid peel daily?

I am 22 year old female. I have about 10 years worth of acne scars. I just want to know if I can safely use a 10% glycolic peel every day in oreder to... READ MORE

Best way to treat years of hyperpigmentation scars from body acne? (Photo)

I've suffered from acne since puberty and, since I've been taking testosterone to treat my low levels, it has escalated. I'm managing my acne with... READ MORE

How can I get rid of Acne Scars?

I am still in my adolescence and I have a plethora of brown spots on my forehead due to acne, some of which are a few weeks to several month old, so... READ MORE

What will get rid of my acne scars?

My skin went crazy and I had big pimples everywhere. I went to a derm and she prescribed stuff that solved the problem. The skin is not nicked at all,... READ MORE

What kind of acne scar treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks. My dermatologist recommended to do a series of glycolic peels. However, after researching the treatment, a lot... READ MORE

What kind of scars are these and what treatment is suggested? (photos)

Hi, I have had acne problems since I was a teenager. Well the breakouts have stopped, but I do have some acne now and then. This combined with my... READ MORE

My skin has recently broke and I need to know what type of skin condition it is? (Photos)

My face has recently gotten worst and i have no clue why? I was using products including there face wash, glycolic acid, and jojoba oil... READ MORE

What is the best laser to use for clearing scarred cystic acne? (photo)

I originally started with a rash on my chest and then it became a cystic like acne. I don't have flare up anymore, so I'm assuming they are just now... READ MORE

What kind of treatment is best for wavy and waxy textured acne scarring/ large pores? (photos)

I've been using glycolic acid 12% for quite some time now after switchint from 10%. And After applying glycolic acid,I apply moisturizer and then... READ MORE

What should I do with the redness after using glycolic acid 10% cream, should I discontinue it? (photos)

I started geting acne 3 months ago,my dermatologist started me on oral adoxa for 3 months and then told me to start bioone glycolicacid10 % for the... READ MORE

Acne Scars on Smoker (22 Yrs Smoking)?

I am 44 and have deep acne scar ( i think its like icepicks) irregular over my cheeks. I have been smoking for 22 years. I tried at a dermatologist a... READ MORE

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