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I Had Acne for 2 Years, and Now Im Suffering from Acne Scars on my Cheeks, How To Treat?

Im using contractubex gel since 2 days now.. i apply it once a day on my face because it causes me irritation and itching.. should i continue applying... READ MORE

What is the best acne treatment for acne scars on my skin? A skin peel or a laser treatment suitable for black skin? (photos)

Since I was young (age 14) any form of spots I got on my face I would pick at them with an unexpected reward of black scars on my face several days... READ MORE

Using Mederma after laser?

Dear doctor, I had lazer to cure my acne scars on my face 11 days ago. To enhance the result, can i use mederma advance scar gel on these scars now?... READ MORE

Retin A Micro - for wrinkles, acne & acne marks. Can I combine it with Argan Oil?

Hello, I have acne, some slight lines and some acne marks that I would like to treat with Retin A Micro Gel. I use it currently to spot treat and it... READ MORE

Do silicone sheets and gel cause acne?

I have some hypertrophic acne scars on my face and thought about using silicone based sheets and gels.since I get acne(currently on accutane),so I was... READ MORE

Is Retino AC gel effective for acne scars/marks? (Photo)

Can i use retino ac gel on the scars/marks on my face? I was unhappy with lumacip n britelight cream as they didnt reduce the scars. Earlier i used... READ MORE

What to do for suture aftercare to minimize scaring?

I had a surgery to remove old discolored cyst. One suture will remove what should i do to minimize scar? I have silicone sheets and BAP SCAR CARE Gel.... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Acne Scars? (photos)

I've been suffering from this acne scars for more than 4 years. Would you please help me to get rid of them. Do the silicon sheets or gel would help? READ MORE

How should I treat these acne scars? What improvement can I expect? (photo)

Hello i need some help have had these small hypertrophic acne scars all over my cheeks for about 4 years i want to know how to get rid of them. I went... READ MORE

What products or procedures help get rid of/prevent clogged pores as well as help with acne scars/ice pick scars?

I'm 18 years old and have tried every prescribed acne gel on the plant that truly only made my skin worse. I have dry skin and have always had more... READ MORE

Can Silicone Gel Flatten acne scar of my chin? (photo)

I have some new and old acne scars on my chin whit the size of around 1-3 mm. They are so superficial but distinct, abundant and so visible. I have... READ MORE

How do you get rid of reddish brownish acne scars? (photos)

Me pichle 6 month se acne se bht preshan hu . 4 jgha se trearment kraya , rooh-e-usheer , aldactone , derma wash gel , cliface gel, zitvin aquasol, n... READ MORE

I had a breakout on my nose. Then I had dark marks from the acne. My dermatologist gave me Glyone clarity gel (Photo)

I had a break out on my nose and around my nose area I than had dark marks from the acme . I went to my dermatologist and she gave me Glyone clarity... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove acne scarring with a topical gel?

I have oily and pimple prone skin due to which I have acne scars. How can I remove these scars using gel treatment? I want to remove the scars using... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin 0.01% gel help my acne scar?

I got prescribed Tretinoin 0.01% gel from my doctor for my acne scar. How long will be to remove my acne scar? READ MORE

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