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Can Fraxel Laser Treat Back and Chest Acne Scars?

I had acne for about 7 years and now they are gone. I’m left with scars all over my back and chest. These scars are flat and are the same level of t... READ MORE

Soft, shiny pink skin after scab came off? (photo)

About 5 days ago, I had a pimple that I put toner on. Unfortunately it burn and eventually my skin started to peel away. At first it was a wound that... READ MORE

Reducing a Flat Acne Mark/scar? (photo)

Hi. I have s scar on my face due to over picking a few pimples that were close together. It is completely flat and i have pale skin so the red scar... READ MORE

Can I use home remedies to remove acne scars while using tretinoin cream 0.025? (photos)

Most of my acne is gone. I was prescribed Tretinoin cream 0.025 SPEAR now. Most of what I have left is acne scars [or at least I think so.] They are... READ MORE

How can I treat back acne scars? (photo)

What type of acne scarring is this? Some spots are flat but most are raised, hard and discolored. How can I flatten and fade these? Will they ever go... READ MORE

How to get rid of red spots left from acne? (photo)

Is there any other way to get rid of red spots that acne leaves on your face, other than the Pulsed Dye Laser? I don't want to do a laser, but my... READ MORE

How can I treat these red marks to make them disappear? (photo)

Over the last few months I have developed these red dots on the sides of my face/ cheek and jaw area and they have not faded or gotten better. They... READ MORE

Raised acne scar becomes flat after one session of steroid injection. Was the dose too high?

I read that it takes serval sessions to fix acne scars and steroid injection has lots of side effects. I just fear my dermatologist injected too much... READ MORE

Advice on fixing old acne scar? Please be specific. (Photos)

I've had 3 skin pen appointments coupled with 6 laser appointments (1 Fraxel, the others "Varilite pro" to fix this very old acne scar. These are the... READ MORE

What type of scars do I have on my back? And what treatment is best? (photos)

I experienced back acne for almost a decade. Right now I am 22 years old. My back is still rough with scars that are flat and brown in color. I still... READ MORE

Follow-up: Here's s a closer picture of my scar which is completely flat and not raised, would a chemical peel help? Photo)

The scar sometimes turns pink and then white and has dark edges around it. I understand there's no way to completely remove it but is there any way to... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation of keloid acne scar on shoulder. (Photo)

Got keloid hypertrophic acne scars many years ago. After steroid injection, they are flat. But the discolouration is annoying. I am Chinese, the scar... READ MORE

Is it possible to tan the new white, flat, smooth skin that is due to an acne scab? (Photo)

These scars are on my face and stand out because of my freckles. The scabs weren't terribly deep so I find it hard to believe these are "scars" rather... READ MORE

Longevity of TCA Results?

I'm considering TCA peels but first I'd like to know how permanent the results will be, and how often I'd have to do maintenance? I have... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a post pimple discolored mark. (photo)

I popped a pimple on my forehead over 6 mths ago and kept picking at it. It ended up turning into a discolored flat scar. Its not inflamed or a keloid... READ MORE

I wanted to know what treatments are available for a red flat scar I have from a pimple? (photos)

I've had this scar for two years now and was wondering if ultrapulse co2 would be a good option? Or is there anything else? READ MORE

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