Filler + Acne Scars Treatment

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How Safe is Fillers for Acne Scars and What is the Worst Situation Possible?

I am considering fillers. They suggested pdt laser too. Apparently, they thought surgery was out of the question. I got many scars, mostly mini ones... READ MORE

Subcision with or without filler?

It seems as though subcision is a consistent effective acne scar treatment. Subcision without filler seems to yield permanent results; however, a lot... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for acne scarring? (photos)

I have bad acne scarring on both cheeks. I don't want to waste money trying different chemical pills if they don't work. I have heard fraxel doesn't... READ MORE

What is the Best Dermal Filler for Sunken Cheeks Due to Acne Scarring?

I'm in my late 30s & I have sunken cheeks due to acne scarring and significant weight loss. My left cheek has a sunken oval diagonally across... READ MORE

Would TCA peels, subcision, and fillers work on my acne scars, rolling scars, and bad skin texture? (photos)

My acne scars resemble the picture I have rolling scars pitted scars and bad skin texture mostly on my cheeks and temple I asked about needling now... READ MORE

Dermal Filler for Deep Acne Scars?

I have a couple deep acne scars that are still very visible after 4 Pixel treatments. They are deep enough to require a filler, which would work best... READ MORE

Subcision once or multiple times?

For atrophic and rolling acne scars, is there really a huge difference if one does multiple Subcisions and then fillers, OR one subscisoon session... READ MORE

Struggling With Acne Scars For 15+ Years? (photo)

Hi all: I have been struggling with my acne problems for almost 15 years. It is very frustrating! I just completed 30. I have done subcision, fraxel,... READ MORE

Are Fillers Likely to Improve my Depressed Scar? (photo)

I have an depressed acne scar on my left temple, about 1cm x 0.5cm in area. It is not so deep, but quite visible in certain from certain angles... READ MORE

What kind of acne scars are these I got on my face? Can they be improved on by filler? (Photo)

These acne scars i have outlined in black are they Rolling ice pick or cookie cutter scars? Can they be improved on by a filler? READ MORE

Can Any Filler Be Used for Deep Acne Scars? - Malaysia

Can acne scar be fill with any filler ( any brand )? How long would filler last on acne scar? Any repeative treatment? What brand would u recommend?... READ MORE

Acne Scar Help: Tried Fractional Laser (Co2 and Matrix) Considering Filler?

I have shallow depressions on both cheeks. I need someone in Nj area who can. Help. I have tried many lasers and they still show. These marks bother... READ MORE

Do Fillers Will Work on These Scars? (photo)

Hello, I have been victim of acne scars from 6-7 years. right now my age is 26 and i tried laser treatment twice and dermaroller once without any... READ MORE

Can I get filler for Acne Scars while on Spironolactone? (Photo)

I have been taking Spironolactone 25mg twice daily for the past 6 weeks to keep my (now) mild hormonal acne under control. However, I have scarring... READ MORE

Recommended Filler for My Acne Scarring? (Photo)

I've had several CO2 laser treatments, and my skin is better than ever; however, you can still see some of the deeper acne scarring in certain light.... READ MORE

Can this acne scar be removed from my cheek? (photos)

-What will be the process? -What is the risk? -If the scar is cut out will it required any fillers in the future? READ MORE

Dark Red Marks After Radiesse Injections? (photo)

I had Radiesse injected into my acne scars on April 18th 2013. Immediately following the injections I had some swelling. The next day I started seeing... READ MORE

Dermastamp Use After Restylane Injection to Depressed Scar? (photo)

Is it okay to continue using my dermastamp on a depressed acne scar (located on the side of my nose) that I had my dermatologist inject with restylane... READ MORE

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