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Are Laser Treatments for Acne Scars Permanent?

I am referring to all lasers for acne scars, from the original CO2 to the newer non-ablative YAG lasers. I have been hearing varying opinions on this.... READ MORE

Recommendations Fo Severe Acne Scarring and Discoloration? (photo)

Hi, i've suffered from acne/cystic acne for a few years(17 now), although my skin is beginning to clear up i've been left with a lot of... READ MORE

Electrocautery For Acne? Will it Cause Scarring?

I m using isotretinoin and antiboitics for acne. The facial acne are gone with this treatment but nech acne had no effect. Dermatologist advised... READ MORE

Will Botox Between Eyes Work for Acne Scars Between CO2 Laser Treatments?

I have moderate acne scarring in the area between my eyes. Would Botox help make these scars less noticeable? I am looking for a good way to improve... READ MORE

Acne scars: How much improvement should I reasonably expect? Which procedures should I undertake? (Photo)

Hello, I have awful acne scars on both cheeks and I would like to have an honest opinion: could you, please, give me the pourcentage of improvment I... READ MORE

Acne scars treatment - best mix of solutions? Got acne scars, 32 years old. I want to get best % improvement results (Photo)

Attached my photos for (scars / wrinkles). am 32 old having acne scars, got 3 laser treatments in 2008 but no big improvement. what scar type i have ?... READ MORE

Need advice on what will work best for my acne scars (Photo)

I have had these scars for over three years now and they dont seem to improve at all. I still breakout once a month with 3-4 acne at a time. My derm... READ MORE

I have acne scars. Can laser help me? How much percentage of a result can I expect? (Photo)

What laser is preferred for my scars......how much result can I expect ...Indian type of skin READ MORE

What type of laser is effective to remove acne scars on a dark skin? (photos)

Hello, I had two halo laser sessions in 2015 to remove acne scars on my face. The results did not meet my expectations because I still have acne scars... READ MORE

Can be my skin (acne scars, birthmarks ) treated and how much of an improvement I can expect? (Photo)

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way to improve overall look of my skin, I have some acne scars birthmarks etc.. How much of an improvement... READ MORE

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