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Subcision or Excision for Ice Pick Acne Scars

What is the recovery time for this procedure? READ MORE

Should I Have a Laser Treatment or Scar Excision for Acne Scars?

I have some acne scars that arent very deep. Most are icepick but i also have one icepick and one boxcar scar on my cheeks. Would a scar excision... READ MORE

Direct Excision of Scar? (photo)

I got this scar next to my eye from an enormous acne bump that appeared a few years back that I kept scratching at. I was told by dermatologists that... READ MORE

Acne Scar Excision Vs Mole Excision?

My friend had a large mole removed from her cheek. The results were excellent. Instead of a mole there is now just a thin white line. The mole was... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Excision and Punch Excision?

Hello Doctors, I have heard of these procedures for larger older scars that are resistant to lasers and acid peels. I have a 15 year old, sharp edged... READ MORE

Can my acne scars be improved with excision? (Photo)

I would like to know if my acne scars which I believe to be boxcar scars can be improved or brought closer the the surface of the surrounding skin... READ MORE

Can Subcision Be Performed on a Scar at the Same Time That It is Excised?

Also, isn't subcision only temporary? If the skin becomes saggy as it ages and loses collagen, wont the old scars that had subcision "reappear"? READ MORE

Recommendation for deep boxcar acne scars on cheeks? (Photos)

After perusing this site, treatments, before/aftr pics 4 a yr…Am more confused. CAN boxcar acne scars be significantly improved? Say 70%? Had f... READ MORE

Excision for ice pick scars?

I have had acne since I was 13 years old and I used to pick them. I think I had what they call "Dermatillomania". Now that I am 21, I stopped having... READ MORE

Other treatments for scars that didn't respond to lasers. Excision? Not giving up. (photos)

I have to co2 fractional lasers and two full traditional co2 lasers. I seen fairly good results with the last full co2. I only have a few scars that... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for Acne Scars on an Indian skin? (photo)

Hi , Can you please suggest what kind of treatment will be helpful for me. Will dermabrasion be helpful? I think I have mostly icepick scars.should I... READ MORE

Is there any hope for my severe acne scars? (Photo)

I had an excision 8 months ago, I really think it was a failure but my doctor don't wanna admit it. It left me with a big and long saucer scar, the... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for the acne scars on my forehead? (photos)

I have a couple of acne scars that forms like a line of about 1.5 inches across my forehead. I want to know what kind of treatment I should get to... READ MORE

What type of treatment is best for icepick scars? Tried topicals, TCA and derma roller without improvement. (photos)

I have done research much about treatments for these type of scars and it seems that excision is what is recommended although with some cases making... READ MORE

Acne scar excision healing (photo)

Hi , I had two acne scars excision . One by my smile line he used about 5 stitches . That one so far is healing like a line . The other one is on my... READ MORE

How Effective is Dermaroller Compared to Excision for Deep Acne Scars?

I have deep Acne Scars and tried Microdermabrasion, but the acne scars are still very visible. I want to try excision but her clinic doesn't do... READ MORE

What Treatments Will Help my Severe Acne Scars? (photo)

Im very depressed and only 20 and just want improvement.What treatments will help the best subcision,excision,fillers,and laser.will fillers give... READ MORE

Any Ontario dermatologist with experience in treating dark skin with lasers for severe acne scars? I'm willing to travel.(photo)

I haven't found a dermatologist here in Ottawa that has suggested a combination of treatments (I would like subcision, scar excision and laser for... READ MORE

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