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What treatment I can get to get rid of acne scars and open pores? (photos)

I been to dermatologist before and I had take antibiotics like doxycycline and I also use Retin-A cream I stop drinking antibiotics and using Retin-A... READ MORE

My acne has cleared with the use of medications, what are some options for the scarring the acne has left behind?

I have been using doxycycline (100 mg twice daily) along with epiduo and it has cleared my acne but the scarring that's left behind is pretty bad. It... READ MORE

What is Best Treatment for Acne in Teens?

I have a 16 yr old daughter who has mildly severe acne w some scarring. Retin A & Benzacycline dried her skin out but in conjunction w doxycycline... READ MORE

My question is about acne and acne scarring (Photo)

I have acne problem ..I had tried number of medications including doxycycline and use clindamycin like everynight before bed as prescribed but I still... READ MORE

Is it possible to fill in or eliminate a pitted/boxcar acne scar?

I have a pitted/boxcar acne scar an inch or so below my eye (on my cheek). I've been using Retin A and have been taking doxycycline hyclate for a few... READ MORE

I had really bad acne it’s mostly gone now. Will these scar go away? (photos)

I’ve had my acne for about 3 months and then i went on doxycycline 100 mg and retin-a I’m almost 14 years old. READ MORE

What is the Final Solution for my Skin Problem? (photo)

I tried everything, from clindamycin, doxycycline to high brand skin care treatments! It's really affecting my self-esteem! I can't go out anywhere... READ MORE

My face turns hot, redness, and peeling after using acne products?

I'm 25, female. As taking doxy 1 tab daily,use clind. Gel 1% mornings, tretinoin cream 0.05 nights. This is 3rd week that I have used. Right now my... READ MORE

What can I do about the acne scars? (photo)

I know that I have to be careful with the products I use and I do not qualify for most acne scar management that most people qualify for. I suffer... READ MORE

Please recommend acne scarring treatment! (Photo)

Hello, I would be extremely grateful to hear various expert opinions on how you would attack my acne scarring if I walked into your clinic. If you can... READ MORE

Small dots on acne scars? (Photo)

Hi i had acne2 months ago den my dermatologist priscrib me antibiotc medicine daxycycline hyclate... Now i dont hav acne but the problem is acne scar... READ MORE

What is the best course of treatment to minimize acne scars? (Photo)

To minimize type of acne scars I have? I and 27 y/o and I suffer from adult acne. I have a mild case of cystic acne which has left scarring on my... READ MORE

How can I treat cystic hormonal acne?

In the last year I always get at least one large cyst on my chin every time I get my period. Often it takes ages to go away not disappearing until a... READ MORE

Best treatment for large pores and acne/acne scaring? (photos)

I am a 28 year old who never had acne before in my life until I turned 27. I have been fighting it for almost two years now and nothing works. I look... READ MORE

I am permanently on doxycycline for cystic acne - is this bad for you?

I'm 34 and doxycycline has been the only thing that keeps my skin clear. But I'm worried about the long term impact on gut and liver health. My Dr... READ MORE

Dark spot (pigment) on face due to acne and pimples last 2 years, how can I treat them? (Photos)

Sir I'm using Kejivit plus cream, Face clean gel,Doxycycline 500mg tab.Last 4 mounts READ MORE

Do you think those large hole will close in time or will I need surgery ? (photos)

I made a small hole in With a pin to pump a couple cyst on my face and now the cyst are gone but the holes won't got a way it been about one mouth now... READ MORE

Is Accutane truly necessary? I was put on Tazorac and Aczone with Spironolactone. I broke out BAD the 1st month; swollen face.

Now It's been 2 months Ive been using Taz, Aczone, Spiro and Doxy. I'm not getting anymore breakouts at the lower bottom of my cheeks. It's improving,... READ MORE

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