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What can be done to remove acne scarring on my chin? I think they are rolling scars. (Photo)

I had quite bad acne as a teen, it left me with horrible scarring, I have had a herbal peel which seems to have made the scars more indented. I have... READ MORE

How soon can Dermastamp Treatment be used?

I've got a 4 month old single shallow (0.5mm ish) atrophic acne scar that I'd like treated with Dermastamp. I've been told to wait another 2 months... READ MORE

Subcision for chicken pox / acne scars? (Photo)

Hello. A little over a year ago I had two e derma stamp treatments with very little result. I'm looking into other options and I saw that a lot of... READ MORE

What type of scarring do I have and what is the best type of treatment for it? (Photos)

Hi, I'm a 26, Asian male, I have temple scarring on both sides. I have had over 8 treatments of dermastamp on both sides, I feel as though they are... READ MORE

How would you treat my acne scars problem? (Photos)

How would you treat my skin? Ive done CO2 Fractional Laser 3 times before but its not working instead giving me more scars. Can i do TCA cross at my... READ MORE

Does Scientia Derma Stamp Improve Acne Scars? Is It FDA Approved?

Before getting Final Treatment I am planning to buy Derma Stamp.I thing it may gradually improve my scars...Please advise..... READ MORE

Treatment recommendations for my acne scars? (Photo)

I have what I believe is severe acne scarring. I am trying to resolve this currently with a treatment plan of 4 x dermastamp & 3 z ipl sessions. In... READ MORE

Undergoing Derma Stamping and Genesis, but am still worried about the volume and appearance of acne scarring, advice? (photos)

So I have been through acne stages since my teenage years and I am currently undergoing dermastamping treatments (x3 to date) and genesis laser... READ MORE

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