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Best Treatment for Depressed Acne Scarring on Cheeks?

Up until 18, had near perfect skin. Went through 2-3 years of moderate acne, some cystic. Now acne is not really the problem, but what's left... READ MORE

Acne scars are making me severely depressed (Photo)

I am overwhelmed with the amount of treatments of acne scars and in picking the right one. Last thing I want to is make them worse. I am of... READ MORE

I have severe acne scarring. How can I identify the type of scars, and what's the best treatment? (Photo)

I'm 21 and of indian decent and have suffered from acne for the last several years.As a result i have severe acne scars on a lot of my face. I need... READ MORE

Are Fillers Likely to Improve my Depressed Scar? (photo)

I have an depressed acne scar on my left temple, about 1cm x 0.5cm in area. It is not so deep, but quite visible in certain from certain angles... READ MORE

Can subcision be performed on depressed acne scars on the forehead?

Seems doctors only perform subcision on the temples and cheeks. thanks! READ MORE

Had a TCA Cross procedure done and the Doctor only poked the end points of a shallow boxcar scar. Is this right?

Going in to his office in a couple days to address this. This doctor seems very apprehensive to answer my questions. Also acts very nervous... I need... READ MORE

I am very depressed about my acne scars. How can I treat them? (Photo)

I don't know what kind of scars I have or if it is too late for me. I hope I can do something about my acne scars because I am so sick of being... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat minor acne scars?

I have a few depressed acne scars. I want them gone or as faded as technology will get them. Is it worth screwing around with peels and micro. I'm not... READ MORE

How far apart should subcision treatments and filler be spaced for depressed acne scars to obtain the most effective results?

About 6 weeks ago I had 1 subcision with Radeisse filler performed on several depressed acne scars. I am in my mid 40's, and scars are approx. 3 years... READ MORE

Herpes and acne scars, how do I get rid of the scarring?

Hi, Am a 24 year old female , suffering from depressed acne scarring. I also have HSV - 1 which I contracted a year back. Over these 2 years I have... READ MORE

Depressed acne scars. Losing confidence (Photo)

I have had breakouts about 3 years. I have had the bad popping habit which caused me deep acne scars. Looking into the mirror cause me cry. I was so... READ MORE

What would you recommend to remove Acne scars? (photos)

Please help me... Really depressed. Any cheap ways to get rid of these? READ MORE

Acne scars on forehead. What type of treatment would help me? (Photo)

I have ance scarring to me it's the worst on my forehead. I'm really depressed about it. I'm having a hard time finding someone in Michigan who is... READ MORE

How to treat these acne scars? (photos)

My longlasting acne scars just become darker, black, & i really depressed now. How could this be? & how should i treat them? :( desperately need ur advice READ MORE

Can these type of my scars be completely removed? (Photo)

I have depressed scars on my face. Please help me to remove these type of acne scars. I lost my confidence. Hate my skin now. I started avoiding face... READ MORE

Please help me prevent further scarring from a large and painful whitehead pimple on my forehead that just popped.

My skin is very very prone to acne scarring. I'm undergoing treatment for acne but I just had a very large and inflamed and white pimple pop on my... READ MORE

What scar treatments are best for multiple depressed acne scars on forehead each less than 5mm in diameter?

I believe my acne scars are of the rolling type, since they don't have a sharp edge. The majority of them are in the creases of my forehead wrinkles.... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Depressed Acne Scars on Temples?

I have read about subcision and punch grafting, which seem to be the cheapest and most effective choices. I cannot afford any laser treatment. Plus... READ MORE

Wedding in 10 days but cystic acne left with a huge scar. Pls help. I'm so depressed. (photo)

Hi I have a wedding in 10 days time and the cystic bump has left me with a red scar which is now turning dark brown. Pls help . The cystic acne has... READ MORE

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