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Best Laser Treatment for Acne Scars on Brown Skin?

I am an Indian from India. I have light brown skin, similar to Hispanic skin tone. I am suffering from severe dark acne scarring on both my cheeks... READ MORE

My acne has cleared with the use of medications, what are some options for the scarring the acne has left behind?

I have been using doxycycline (100 mg twice daily) along with epiduo and it has cleared my acne but the scarring that's left behind is pretty bad. It... READ MORE

Post Acne Scar on My Forehead. Texture is Different and Is Dark?

Im 19 years old and I've had this post acne scar on my forehead for nearly a year and a half. The scar used to be raised, but after using some creams... READ MORE

What medication that really effective to get rid of my dark marks? (photos)

Hello. I have dark marks on my face for a month now due my scars. I already tried Hiruscar Gel and Vitamin E but it won't worked. So now I am using... READ MORE

I have acne on my forehead and it leaves behind dark scars, What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello. I have been getting acne on my forehead and even if I don't touch the pimple, it leaves a small black mark behind. How can I get rid of the... READ MORE

Does minocycline + epiduo help my dark acne scars?

I have just started using epiduo on my back and taking mynocycline. My back has dark brown acne scars, some pitted. Will this combination help with... READ MORE

How can I get rid of dark marks on my face from acne? Also how long will it take before its all cleared up?

I have had acne since freshmen year it wasnt too bad just embarrasing. Then i would use products that have benzoyl peroxide or salycilic acid to try... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to get rid of post acne marks? (photos)

I have had these dark post acne marks for about 4-5 years now and have tried probably about every "acne dark mark fade" cream/gel known to man and... READ MORE

Had these dark acne scars for 5 yrs. I've tried everything from mederma, to any drug store product. Any suggestion? (photo)

Nothing seems to work. I've tried a bleaching cream but I'm African American so that did not turn out well. What should I purchase? Thanks in advance READ MORE

How to treat these acne scars? (photos)

My longlasting acne scars just become darker, black, & i really depressed now. How could this be? & how should i treat them? :( desperately need ur advice READ MORE

How to get rid of dark marks on neck and face? (photos)

I get in grown hairs on my neck an when I take them out I get black acne like marks on my neck READ MORE

Unknown skin condition. Any suggestions?

I had a pimple about a month ago which felt like burning few days later,then the area turned dark(scab formation took place)The scab fell off about 5... READ MORE

I have dark and deep scars on my face, also lot of pores. (photos)

Which is the procedure treatment suggested, applied all sorts of cream none helped. Should i go for laser treatment, if yes which one? READ MORE

Can I use Bio oil on a scar, on my nose. Where I previously scraped a blackhead out?

I popped a blackhead on my nose a year ago. I squeezed the area for a couple of minutes and the next day it looked bruised and a scab was forming. The... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Acne Scars?

I get dark scars after I squeeze pimples and blackheads. I was wondering, are there any treatments for dark acne scars? Is it even possible to treat this? READ MORE

I have mild acne scars on my cheeks. I want to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

My acne scars are a little deep and dark. Skin does not look smooth. I am currently using alpha hydroxy acid and clindamycin topically and taking... READ MORE

Longevity of TCA Results?

I'm considering TCA peels but first I'd like to know how permanent the results will be, and how often I'd have to do maintenance? I have... READ MORE

How to remove dark pimple marks from forehead and cheeks? (Photos)

Hi! I have an severe acne on my face, (forehead,cheeks,chin,under the neck) now my condition is better i only have a few pimples (like 4 smalls) and... READ MORE

What would you recommend to whiten my skin and clear all acne spots from face ? (photos)

I am 18 year old and acne prone My face is Having lot of acne scars and i am using demelan with my dr advice Bt i dony know whether i should use it on... READ MORE

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