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Acne Blemishes on Buttocks

I'm an African American female with embrassing acne blemishes on my butt? How do I get rid of them? Some are deep and others are not? I've... READ MORE

Indented Acne Scar? (photo)

Hi I have indented scars ,Please find the attached photo .Please susgsets me some suitable cream ,To resurface new skin and let me know if I can... READ MORE

Is It Better to Use Mederma Early for New Pockmarks?

Will Mederma rubbed into a new acne pock mark get rid of the pock mark? I just got an acne pockmarks just under my chin, and want to know if... READ MORE

What can I do to treat my deep pitted acne scarring that is covering my whole face and cystic acne with very oily skin?

Also my derm has me on solodyn 55mg and Tazorac, cream but dosent seem to be helping at all as with all the other prescription meds I have tried. Also... READ MORE

Post Acne Scar on My Forehead. Texture is Different and Is Dark?

Im 19 years old and I've had this post acne scar on my forehead for nearly a year and a half. The scar used to be raised, but after using some creams... READ MORE

Acne Scar Cream

I'd like to find a home remedy for acne scars on my face. I was wondering if acne scar creams work well enough for moderate scaring. Was looking at... READ MORE

Can I Use Collagen Cream on my Face Coinciding with Laser Treatment for Acne Scars to Aid the Results?

I am planning to have laser treatment for acne scars on my face. I do not know it will be ablative or non ablative.I bought a cream that says it is... READ MORE

How to get rid of deep acne scars?

I've used creams and chem peels and got rid of more recent, more surfaced scars, but how do I get rid of the older, deeper scars? READ MORE

I'm sick of my acne. Please tell me how to get rid of acne and also acne scars? I want baby skin. (photos)

I have bad acne actually angry acne , i want a solution any cream or any remedy or any Medicine that can make my skin back to normal fresh looking, my... READ MORE

Is Retino AC gel effective for acne scars/marks? (Photo)

Can i use retino ac gel on the scars/marks on my face? I was unhappy with lumacip n britelight cream as they didnt reduce the scars. Earlier i used... READ MORE

How to decrease hyperpigmentation and shallow scars left from acne lesions? (photos)

My dermat prescribed me minocycline & nexna 1/day for 3 wks with clindac gel (morning & sofradex cream at night. In 3 wks I got many cysts and my... READ MORE

I have black acne scar on my back, chest, and upper arms. What treatment would you recommend?

Hello I am 18 years old I have had Acne on my back ,chest and upper arms since I was 14 ...but I never quit payed attention to them but because of... READ MORE

Would CICAPLAST Help with Acne Scarring?

Would CICAPLAST cream be a good topical to assist with deep acne scarring, such as rolling scars? READ MORE

I saw some photos on the internet that Nerium cream made bad acne scars disappear totally. Does Nerium really help?

I saw some photos on the internet that Nerium cream did really good job about acne scars and it made bad acne scars dissapear totally.I just want to... READ MORE

I Have Used Sunscreen Along with Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream Are There Any Possible Sings of Damage of Skin?

I have used sunscreen and fairn and lovely fairness cream at a time just for 5times are there any signs of skin damage i even have several acne along... READ MORE

Is there any ointment or cream which can remove the dark spots which is created after a pimple is burst?

I had pimples and acne on my face. Usually I don't press them but sometimes they accidentally get burst and the result a unremovable dark spot is... READ MORE

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