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Can collagen supplements help pitted, rolling, boxcar, icepick scars caused by acne?

Hello - I am currently under the care of a dermatologist and undergoing microneedling and subcision for pitted acne scars. I will ask my derm this... READ MORE

Collagen Supplements Causing Chest Pain?

I have acne scars along with wrinkles, so one of my friends suggested taking collagen supplements. I have been taking them for a little over 90 days... READ MORE

What route should I take to improve these facial scars and texture? (photos)

I have mild acne scars, and skin texture issues. I received pearl fractional which left me with 100's of scarred micro holes from lazer which made... READ MORE

Treatments for severe acne scarring (hypertrophic) on face? concerned mainly about cheeks area (photos)

30 year old male, half asian, half white ethnicity. Have done a lot of research on First got severe cystic acne junior year of HS. Took two... READ MORE

Is it possible to completely get rid of my acne scar dents? (Photo)

I'm only 22 is there still time to heal from all of my acne dents before I stop producing collagen? And what can I do to speed up the process? READ MORE

Can I Use Collagen Cream on my Face Coinciding with Laser Treatment for Acne Scars to Aid the Results?

I am planning to have laser treatment for acne scars on my face. I do not know it will be ablative or non ablative.I bought a cream that says it is... READ MORE

Subcision- How to tell if it's "working"?

Greetings doctor, how can you tell if subcision is working on the scars? I've read that when the needle breaks the fibrous strands it would make... READ MORE

Dermaroller effects on acne scars stopped working.

For my acne scars I tried fraxel and co2 in the past and got no improvement. i then used dermaroller at home. In the first couple of months I saw... READ MORE

Don't know if it is a scar or loss of fat? (photos)

I suffered acne problem, still suffering (I don't want to say scar- but a depression, you can see right under my eye, near my nose) changed my... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for early indented acne scars?

What is the best treatment for early, indented acne scars (i.e., scars only a few months old)? Would fraxel restore help remodel the collagen? READ MORE

How long should I wait after I quit smoking to get subcision for acne scars and botox for frown lines?

I know that smoking damaged collagen and prohibits it's growth. I am a smoker. I want to quit smoking before I have me rolling acne scars corrected... READ MORE

What to do with my boxcar scars? (photos)

Hi, i'm 30 and i have some acne scares, i suppose it's boxcar scars. I made some acne treatments before, now my acne is under control. I made a laser... READ MORE

Best treatment for acne scars? (photos)

Hi, I'm 23 and was wondering what type(s) of scarring I have, the level of severity, and if certain treatments may be best for me to look into? I'd... READ MORE

What kind of serums to produce collagen should I use while treating acne scarring? (Photo)

At age 35, I am finally taking steps to proactively prevent more damage to my skin. I'm going through treatments for my acne scarring now and am... READ MORE

Acne scars removal?

I've had every treatment on the mark in order to remove my scars and unfortunately none have worked. I've done fraxel, co2 fraxel, pheenol peel,... READ MORE

Subcision, Dermapen, lasers or filler which one will work to correct scars and restore collagen?? (photos)

Asian skin suffered from acne since 10 years but left with unique type of scarring. Apart from icepick, boxcars etc. my cheeks have lost volume. Will... READ MORE

Most effective topical collagen production and best anti-aging agent also for pitted acne scars, big pores, dark marks.

Looking topical only, please suggest me top 2 or top 3 out of : Retinoids (Tretinoin 0.1% already using from 10 years but not got any major benefit),... READ MORE

Alternative Treatments to Ice Pick Scars?

Hi. I recently went to a real good plastic surgeon about acne pitting. I have deep ice pick scars on my face, on both cheeks. For the less deeper ones... READ MORE

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