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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

What is the best way to get rid of acne scars on the chin and cheeks? READ MORE

Best Way to Treat Hormonal Acne?

I have been diagnosed with hormonal acne but it has subsided for the most part. My skin is clear but I have left over dark spots on my chin area;... READ MORE

Which Silicone Gel Will Work Better Scaraway, Dermatrix Ultra, Kelo Cote, Scarprin or Any Other? (photo)

Thank you so much for answering my question, they are slightly hard and the skin feels itchy sometimes. They have been there for more than 6 years.... READ MORE

Will a Steroid Injection Help With Acne Scars On Chin?

I have old acne scarring on my chin in the form of tiny bumps. They are old(10 years or more)and of course no longer filled with puss, just a build up... READ MORE

What can I do for hypertrophic scars on my face? The cyst marks are hard, elevated and skin colored. (Photo)

I've had cystic acne. 8 out of 10 cysts left permanent hypertrophic marks. The cyst marks are hard, elevated and skin colored. Oh yeah, the oldest one... READ MORE

Every time I get a pimple, once it goes away it leaves a pronounced red spot/scar. Why? (Photo)

Sometimes these scars actually become pimples again. I try to take good care of my skin and I always use pimple cream when I get one. I usually don't... READ MORE

African Female with Acne Breakout on the Chin That Has Left PIH? What Can I Do About Scar

I have mostly breakout on my chin area. They are leaving ppost acne scars. I have heard about Obagi and was on the Clenziderm for my acne and I am... READ MORE

Keloid Scarring: Will Laser Therapy Help?

I have adult acne which has scarred my chin. Would laser therapy help remove the scars and also reduce the amount of eruptions? READ MORE

What are my options for smoothing out bumpy chin? (Photo)

I am an AA female and I've had this issue since my teenage years when my acne was at it's worst. I also have bumpy areas on both sides of my nose from... READ MORE

Best way to smooth out bumpy raised acne scarring? (Photo)

I have had these papular raised bumps on my chin as a result of many years battling cystic acne. Even my skin is clear, I still have these bumpy,... READ MORE

I have ice pick scars and a lot of bumps. What is best way to treat the acne scars on my nose and chin? (Photo)

I have ice pick scars and a lot of bumps like acne scars on my nose and chin. What are the costs and how many treatments would be required? What are... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for acne scar?

I have a small soft raised bump on my chin left over from an acne cyst. One doctor says its a small vascular lesion and cautery would sort it out.... READ MORE

How can I treat pimples and pimple scars on my face naturally? (Photo)

I have a sensitive and oily skin and have observed pimples all over my face especially on my T-zone (Forehead, chin,cheek and jaw). I tried using... READ MORE

Chin wrinkles (Photo)

I have a lot of chin wrinkles around the chin and mouth due to acne scarring.What can I do to smooth out the chin and make it tighter with fewer dimples. READ MORE

What can be done to remove acne scarring on my chin? I think they are rolling scars. (Photo)

I had quite bad acne as a teen, it left me with horrible scarring, I have had a herbal peel which seems to have made the scars more indented. I have... READ MORE

Anything OTC That Works for PIH Especially for the Chin Area?

Anything OTC That Works for PIH Especially for the Chin Area? READ MORE

Platelet-Rich Plasma or CO2 for acne scar skin? (photo)

25, asian and scar easily (hypertrophic), used to suffer from acne but not much anymore. I have both ice and box scars, uneven dull skin. What does... READ MORE

Raised acne scars on nose and chin on African skin. What treatment can help me smooth these out? (Photo)

Hello I am a 25 years old female and got my acne under control since this past year. I still sometimes get a few pimples here and there when I am on... READ MORE

How to Even out Skin Texture and Color from Acne Scar?

I put benzoyl peroxide 10% on a pimple on my chin. It was so painful I even tried to pop it. The next day, the skin on my chin peeled off. It has been... READ MORE

How to Fix Dark Marks Left from Acne?

I'm Asian, Chinese. I used to have lots of acne (mainly on forehead, partly on chin), and I always tried to pop/squeeze them. Now I have a lot of... READ MORE

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