Chemical + Acne Scars Treatment

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Is a Chemical Peel on Buttock Recommended?

I have acne scars on my butt will a chemical peel work ? the scars are very superficial so i was thinking maybe a light peel would work since if i put... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

I have acne scars left and i did chemical peel glycolic 4 times by my dermatlogist and over the four times my skin improved it got rid of most of the... READ MORE

What Kind of Chemical Should I Use? (photo)

I am 18, black, and have had acne all through my teen years and it has left me with many dark spots. I want to try a peel before I head back to... READ MORE

Scars on Face. Can Any of These Respond to Laser (Fraxel) or Chemical Peel (Med Depth Tca)? (photo)

I have a few isolated scars on my face that have always bothered me. I need overall skin tone improvement as well from sun damage, zit picking,... READ MORE

How to smoothen out my face? Mostly acne scars on cheeks and forehead. Lasers, chemical peels, dermabrasion? (Photo)

I do still have some pimples here and there but not as horrible as it was before with painful huge cysts all over. I mostly get severe pimples on my... READ MORE

I have acne scars since past 2 years? How to get rid of it?

Have been through laser treatment but nothing happens. than TCA chemical peeling but don't have any differences. what to do ???? READ MORE

What types of acne scars are these & whats best treatment? (photos)

I have mild scars which other people say they don't notice, but I do. Since the scarring really isn't that bad, I don't want to do anything drastic... READ MORE

How to treat these specific acne scars? (photos)

I've tried microdermabrasion, chemical peel multiple times but it didn't change the pores or the holes in my face. Would TCA cross work? or a laser... READ MORE

Need advice on what will work best for my acne scars (Photo)

I have had these scars for over three years now and they dont seem to improve at all. I still breakout once a month with 3-4 acne at a time. My derm... READ MORE

Is dermapen better than nd yag laser for acne scar on Indian skin? (photos)

I've mild scars on one side and few deeper on the other, I've done one chemical peel and dermaroller session. Now I'm confused about dermapen and nd... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for my acne scarred and large pore skin? (Photo)

While I still get hormonal breakouts from time to time, my acne has mostly cleared up since my teen years. However, a lot of small scars and uneven... READ MORE

What kind of skin treatment should I pursue, for light to moderate acne indention scarring? (Photo)

I am 27, and I believe my acne is controlled now, so I am hoping to change the surface of my face, specifically in my cheeks. The indentions also have... READ MORE

Is there a any hope I can improve my severe and I mean really severe case of acne scars? (photos)

We all seen pictures on Google images on how some people may think severe acne scars would look like. Well I can say that I have probably one of the... READ MORE

Now, what is next ? (photos)

I m already take two treatment 1.chemical peel 2. Subcision 3. Filler What type of treatment required for further change? READ MORE

African American with uneven skin left by Acne Scars. Should I use chemical peels? Any home remedy? Should I do laser? (Photo)

I am american american. 40 years old. I have acne scars on my nose. The scars made my skin have an uneven surface, such as bumps and ridges. Will a... READ MORE

What would you recommend to get rid of acne marks? (photos)

Tried chemical peels but the marks didn't fade away (been there for 6 months already) READ MORE

Chemical Peels vs Laser removal?

I was left with some acne scarring. Mainly, it is hyper pigmentation with slight indentations. It's been about a year and Ive only seen minor... READ MORE

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