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Can Fraxel Laser Treat Back and Chest Acne Scars?

I had acne for about 7 years and now they are gone. I’m left with scars all over my back and chest. These scars are flat and are the same level of t... READ MORE

Acne Due to Polycystic Ovaries? (photo)

Hello , I have loads of brown marks all over my face probably because my skin is very sensitive and every time i get a spot it leaves a dark brown... READ MORE

Can I Fade or Lighten Brown/red Marks (Hyperpigmentation) from Acne on my Arms? (photo)

I've hade these brown/red marks from past acne for many years now and have been wearing sunscreen. I have also started using Palmer's fade milk body... READ MORE

I Have an Acne Scar from Squeezing a Pimple 10 Years Ago It is Now Brown? (photo)

I Have an Acne Scar from Squeezing a Pimple 10 Years Ago It is Now Brown. Should I Try a Bleach Cream or an Alternative Method? READ MORE

What kind of Chemical peeling works with severe body acne marks (brown spots) ? (photo)

I have severe acne marks (color more than deep scars) on my upper arms & chest. I just had a salicylic acid 30 % peeling today, but my doctor says it... READ MORE

How to Quickly Remove Red/brown Acne Marks on Back?

I have several brownish and red acne marks on my upper and lower back. They're very persistent and I've had the same marks now for at least two months... READ MORE

What would be the best acne scarring treatment for my face? I have brown spots, ice pick scars, large pores (Photo)

I am a 36 year old Asian woman with dark skin. I have adult acne mostly brought on by stress. I would really like to know what treatmeants would be... READ MORE

What kind of treatment would you suggest for my acne scars and pigmentation? (Photo)

I have a lot of acne scars and some sun damage ( brown spots). And also enlarged pores what can I do to improve my skin? or what treatment should I get? READ MORE

How to remove dark brown discoloration around the mouth? And get rid of acne scar/brown dots & dark circles under eyes? (photo)

My skin gets very dry, especially around my mouth. I also have stubborn acne marks that doesn't go away, but I don't get acne anymore. I used many... READ MORE

Acne scars, PIH (brown and red spots all over my face). My skin type is 3. Is there any solution?

I have visited many dermatologists but they tell me that is difficult to treat my skin type because is very easy to have more pih after laser or... READ MORE

What type of treatment should i get with these types of acne scars and hyperpigmentations and brown spots? (photo)

I've had acne a few years ago that has left me with red/brown scars on my cheeks and a little on my chin, with (i guess?) some dark brown sun damage... READ MORE

What Kind Of Laser Therapy/Chemical Peels/Medications Works w/ Healing Severe Body Acne/Scarring/(After Acne)Brown Spots?(photo)

Hello. I Have Severe Acne On Both Of My Upper Arms, Back, Chest & Shoulders. I've Had Experience With Micro-Needling In The Past, But It Seems That It... READ MORE

What types of treatments are there to consider to fade minor acne/pimple scars? (photo)

I've never had any acne problems up until 6-8 months ago,so I am having a hard time dealing with pimples. I've been told countless times not to pop my... READ MORE

How do I permanently get rid of my post acne red and brown marks?

I am almost finished with my roaaccutane but there are some whiteheads still and how do i get rid of the marks. For time being the indentation doesnot... READ MORE

How can i remove all brown spot from my face?

From few past days,so many pimples on my face. Now all pimples are removed,but.. pimples brown spots are not removed by me. So..,please give me advice... READ MORE

Is this post-facial reaction normal? (Photo)

I went to a dermatologist because I started getting a bit of acne. Her assistants steamed my face and then performed a blackhead extraction for about... READ MORE

Will it leave a scar on my face? Will the brown spots lasta for two weeks? (photo)

I have acne scars. I decided to used tca 30% skin peeling. I don't think I did the right thing. I got brown spots from where I put the solution. Is it... READ MORE

I've very small brown spots on face, if I've move finger I could feel them? What are they? My options to remove? (photo)

I've oily, acne prone skin. I underwent acutane. I've acne spots and scars and some very tiny like a dot, very few brown spots on cheeks. I wanna... READ MORE

Does Myers cocktail work on brown spots from acne.

Hi there, I had a co2 laser on my face about a year ago. About 2 months after I noticed my previous brown spots come back . I understand that Myers... READ MORE

Safe and Effective Treatments for Acne Scars?

I'm 30 and have a Mediterranean, oily complexion. I have some brown spots on my face as a result of picking non-severe acne spots. I've been looking... READ MORE

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