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Does Fraxel Help with Rolling Acne Scars? if Not, What Does?

Inhave rolling acne scars, i believe, they are shallow indented scars that have no sharp edges. they show up looking creases in my cheeks when i smile... READ MORE

Deep Acne Scars. Which Treatment Would Suit Me Best? (photo)

Hello, I am 37 years old. I had severe acne since I was 15 till I was 30, so the scars are old. The pics below show my scars after ten... READ MORE

Acne Scarring-Silicone or Other Treatments? (photo)

Would silicone help with this type of scarring? If not, what would be recommended for the best outcome? Thank you! READ MORE

Will Dermasanding Achieve a Better Result Than Laser Resurfacing for Deep Ice Pick and Box Scar Acne Scarring?

I'm looking for alternative treatments to laser resurfacing due to the additional pin point scarring and hyperpigmentation I developed after 2... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Further Treat Small Ice Pick Scars on Cheeks After Frazel and Tazorac?

Hi. I've suffered acne & acne scarring my entire life. I had severe infantile acne that left numerous small ice pick scars on my cheeks. I... READ MORE

Chemical Treatment for Perioral Dermatitis?

I have perioral dermatitis that is not responding to Doxycycline like I have hoped. I want to try a treatment, hoping to eradicate it all together. I... READ MORE

I Have Deep Ice Pick Scars, Tried Needling Once and Dermarollers Twice, Other Options? (photo)

How many treatment require it to look fine, its really embarrassing to go somewhere with these scars plzz suggest what would b best for me.. READ MORE

Acne Scars at Age 41. Dermabrasion Made Them Worse. What Are My Options?

I have significant acne scarring! I have had two dermabasions, one about 18 years ago and the last about 10 years ago. The last dermabrasion left... READ MORE

Small Acne Scars on My Face. Tried DeepFX, But Didn't Erase Them. Options?

I have a lot of acne scars on my face They are tiny (smaller than 1mm diameter) I have already undergone 10 times of Deepfx, the scars appear to be... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for my Acne Scars? I Have Tried Alot of Different Things with No Results (photo)

Can someone please offer me expert advice as to whats the best treatment to improve my scars? In the past Ive tried multiple treatments including... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to treat my acne scars? (Photo)

I have done a laser treatment and e-matrix (6 sessions) and I do not think my skin has improved at all. I am currently using retinol A to help improve... READ MORE

Mechanical Dermabrasion when Laser Didn't Worked?

Hello. I had done two, very strong Co2 Laser Resurfacing treatments to improve post-acne scars on my face (cheeks especially). It was done 6 months... READ MORE

What Kind of Treatments Should I Do for my Severe Acne Scars? (photo)

I had these acne scars for about 15 yrs. I had countless topical scar treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser resurfacing. But none... READ MORE

Struggling With Acne Scars For 15+ Years? (photo)

Hi all: I have been struggling with my acne problems for almost 15 years. It is very frustrating! I just completed 30. I have done subcision, fraxel,... READ MORE

What are the best treatments for my acne scarring?Will they even improve? (Photo)

I have severe acne scars i think! Which i know will never go and i am okay with it ,but can i do some procedures to somehow improve the appearance? I... READ MORE

I've Tried So Many Treatments For My Scars From Treating Scars. What Next? (photo)

I had Erbium laser in 07 for a few acne scars. After surgery I was left with scars around my scars, a square dent & large patches of indented skin... READ MORE

How Many Treatment Does It Required to Treat Moderate-severe Scarring(Maximally from Acne and a Few from Excision)?)I

Hi , I am an Indian suffering from acne since teen and now have scars all over my face.I have tried a lot of techniques from different doctors like... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment Option for Acne Scaring That's Not a Laser?

I've been using the Obagi system for 3 mos, I'm Still breaking out. I just had a VI peel with ok results. Im opposed to laser due to having done it... READ MORE

If Lasers Haven't Worked for my Ice Pick Scars, What are my Options?

I first had 3 profractional lasers, then, got 1 more, a little deeper, until it was decided to undergo a deep CO2 laser. During healing, and just... READ MORE

Which is Better for Deep Acne Scars: Mosaic Laser or SmartXide Dot?

I have deep acne scar over my face, what should i do,? should i do mosaic or smartxide? READ MORE

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