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Best Acne Scar Treatment for Asian Skin?

I am 26 years old, fairly light-skinned Asian girl. I have suffered from severe acne in the past but just recently, with the help of medication, I... READ MORE

No Improvement After Subcision and Fraxel Laser?

I'm a 32 year old female who had subcision and fraxel laser done for my acne scars almost 3 months ago with no results whatsoever. My dermatologist... READ MORE

Fraxel Vs. Palomar Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

Can someone please help me make my decision? I am 34 and have acne scarring only on cheeks...two ice pick scars on one cheek and the other about 5 not... READ MORE

Will Weight Loss Make my Indented Acne Scars Look Worse?

I am 34, 5'2" & currently weigh 154 lbs. I have moderate acne scarring on my face - currently trying V-Beam/Smoothbeam treatments to help... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Ice Pick Scars on Nasal Area?

I'm 33. I got scars from the whiteheads and blackheads that popped out, even for those that I did not prick. Must be the genetics of my skin. Is... READ MORE

Why are Ice Pick Acne Scars So Hard to Treat?

I began suffering from adult acne around age 29 and am now 32 with some improvement due to a combo of low dose doxycycline and Duac. As a result, I... READ MORE

Acne Scars and Pigmentation for Black Woman: What Can I do?

I'm Black, I Have a Lot of Acne Scarr and Pigmentation All over my Face,what Can I Do? I´m 30 years woman and had this problem with... READ MORE

What route should I take to improve these facial scars and texture? (photos)

I have mild acne scars, and skin texture issues. I received pearl fractional which left me with 100's of scarred micro holes from lazer which made... READ MORE

Do acne scars get worse over the years ?

I've had moderate acne scars for about 8-9 years now. I have ice pick scars and box scars. I was wondering if I leave them the way they are now would... READ MORE

Any good doctor to work with acne scars in New York ..I need help. (photo)

Im a women of 34 years ,I had acne when I was 27 ,so now I have ugly scars ,I had fraxel and didn't do anything ,I have first treatment with sciton... READ MORE

How to heal my deep-acne-scar face? (Photos)

I am 25 year old, an Asian girl with light skin. I have suffered from serious acne in the past 10 years. However, I have left with deep and wide-range... READ MORE

Best treatment for my acne scars following pregnancy? (photos)

I went from clear to pitted in less than a year. Following the pregnancy of my second child, when done breast feeding I switched back from no hormonal... READ MORE

What Would Be Better for Moderate Acne Scarring (Non-cystic): MixTo or DeepFX Laser?

I can only afford one treatment and would like to know which of these lasers goes deeper for better results. I am 34, and the scarring is all over my... READ MORE

Treatments for severe acne scarring (hypertrophic) on face? concerned mainly about cheeks area (photos)

30 year old male, half asian, half white ethnicity. Have done a lot of research on First got severe cystic acne junior year of HS. Took two... READ MORE

Are Alma Laser Treatments Effective in Removing Acne Scars? (photo)

I am a 31 year old hispanic man with olive skin. I suffered from acne in my early 20's and was left with deep scars on both my cheeks. I have been... READ MORE

Endymed Intensif (Radiofrequency +microneedling) vs Fraxel for acne scars (ice pick and box scars)? (photo)

Having found little info about Endymed Intensif, I would love to have some doctors opinions on the results obtained with this procedure compared to... READ MORE

Acne Scars - Plus Under Eye Wrinkle - 30y Old - What Would Work the Best? (photo)

Minimal Down Time Preferably. Had severe acne which left me with a million scars, not very deep, but very many of them. Plus a recent addition to my... READ MORE

Acne/Dark Pigmentation/In Grown Hairs? (photo)

Hello, 30 year old male who still suffers from Acne. I tried medications and even went so far as to try Accutane a few years ago. The past month I... READ MORE

Is Contractubex Safe for Removing Acne Scars?

I am male, 31 years old. I have had a problem with acne vulgaris and nodular acne for 14 years and now, I have acne scar and its making me... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Acne Scars (29 y/o Asian Skin)?

I am 29 years old, Asian with tan skin. I am assuming lasers are not right for me due to hyperpigmentation. What else can I do that will make my scars... READ MORE

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