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How Long Should I Take 20mg Accutane to Treat my Current Condition of Cystic Acne ? (photo)

My dermatologist put me in a therapy of accutane about 5 months back , Most of the acne in my body cleared. But after those 5 months my acne is... READ MORE

Accutane: 20mg Twice a Week As Opposed to 20mg a Day?

Hello I was prescribed accutane at 20mg a day. I had bad side effects and was generally very scared. I stopped and now considering trying 20mg every... READ MORE

Accutane 3 Months So Far; What's an Appropriate Time to Finish?

Hello everyone ! first of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity so my name is Walid i'm 19 , i've been on accutane for 2 months... READ MORE

I am using roaccutane 20 mg for my acne. I am in my third month and my acne is fully gone. I occasionally get any pimple?

I wanted to ask will using Accutane 20 mg for 4 months will be enough. Or I should continue taking it even if I don't break out. I heard about the... READ MORE

Indefinite Isotretinoin Treatment (Roaccutane/Isosupra)?

Hello, Would anybody consider leaving a patient on Roaccutane / Isosupra beyond the normal cumulative dose period? i.e. indefinitely? My dermatologist... READ MORE

What is the Maximum You Can Take when on Acutane?

My 21 year old son is presently on acutane. He's done one blood test and it shows a high liver count. Should I be concerned. Can he continue his... READ MORE

Accutane 4 or 6 Months?

Hiii Doctors ! i start my 4 month on accutane treatment , my degree is 15 mg my weigh 67 klg ... before 2 months ago i was on 20 mg , so far my face... READ MORE

Does a low-dose Accutane treatment affect the overall treatment and chances of relapse? (photo)

I saw a dermatologist today and she insisted that I go on Accutane and ensure that I complete a cycle which I had not done the previous year. I asked... READ MORE

When is the best time of the year to take Accutane?

I've heard answers from both sides to this and decided I would ask a professional. I live in Texas so summertime can get very hot. Winter, however,... READ MORE

Is It Safe on Accutane for 18months?

My derma been prescribe me roaccutane 10mg for 1 each for the first 6 months, 3 per week for 2 months, 2 per week for 3 months, and now 1 per week for... READ MORE

Small pimples while on Accutane. Do I need more treatment? (Photo)

Hello doc. I'm on the middle of the 5th month of my accutane treatment of 30 mg a day, and the result is good. But i have some little pimples that... READ MORE

Still Breaking out While on Accutane - Do I Need to Up my Dosage?

I am taking a dose of 20mg of roaccutane/day as precribed by my derm, however i am still breaking out, will these breakouts stop if i increase my dose... READ MORE

Short Course of Accutane (3 Months)

I'm currently on a 3 month course of accutane. It's 40mg/day. So far I've seen great result. I started off with moderate acne and I now... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long to Be on Accutane?

I've been on Accutane for 15 months now, I began on a dose of 40mg a day, my dermatologist then reduced my intake to 20mg a day the last 3 months.... READ MORE

Accutane caused liver enzymes to go up and my doctor wants to keep me at a low dose for longer. Will it still help?

After 1 month of 40mg/day on generic accutane my liver enzymes ALT went from 19 before accutane to 43. I do not drink alcohol at all. My derm (I see a... READ MORE

What's the minimum amount of time that I could be on Accutane?

I am a 20 year old female in the UK and I have been struggling with acne for 7 or so years now. My acne has not responded to any kinds of treatments.... READ MORE

Accutane for 10-12 months, is that normal?

My Dermatologist said i should take Accutane 20mg/day for about 10-12 months.. Is that normal?? so many months?? I'm only at day 6 ! READ MORE

Amount of time to be on Accutane for a female? How often do female patients see a recurrence in acne after a few years?

I am a 26 yo f with mild/moderate acne despite many treatments. My dermatologist and I agreed that I could start Isotretinoin, but she warned that... READ MORE

Could I suffer side effects of 2nd round of accutane? I took 40mg for 4months first time round.

My derm put me on accutane a little over a year ago, 40mg for 4 months. The side effects were not too severe, i had an initial breakout, dry skin and... READ MORE

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