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What kind of treatments or natural remedies would help my post hyperpigmentation and scars? (After Accutane) (photos)

I finished a course of accutane 3 months ago and my red marks aren't fading at all. My skin is still super red and I still have some little pimples.... READ MORE

Microderm After Low Dose Accutane

I've Only Taken 12 40mg Pills of Accutane, and Was Wondering Since I've Taken So Little That I'd Be able to Have a Microderm? READ MORE

What Kind of Facial Treatments Are Safe when Taking Accutane?

What Kind of Facial Treatments Are Safe when Taking Accutane? READ MORE

Can I Use Acne Scar Cream to Reduce Acne Scars While I Am on the Treatement with Roacuttane ?

Please help me doctors before my face are left with ugly scars while I am still on the treatement with roacutanne , so I wonder if I can use acne scar... READ MORE

Acne treatment while on Accutane?

HI, just wondering while on Accutane what can i do to prevent acne from coming or how can i treat occasional acne when it comes? Thank you READ MORE

What is the best treatment for deep acne?

Accutane or curacne which one the best READ MORE

is it ok to treat for warts after Accutane treatment?

It has been about 1 1/2 months since I completed 20 mg Accutane course. now I can see some several Warts in my face in my sometimes feel itchy. so is... READ MORE

How can I get a dermatologist to prescribe me Accutane/Isotretinoin? (Photos)

My last dermatologist would not perscribe me Acctuane. I know my acne is not severe but it is on my face, neck, chest, back, butt and I've tried every... READ MORE

Can Accutane be used to treat a recurring gland?

Is Accutane a possible treatment for a recurring gland?  READ MORE

Accutane 30 mg: Two days ago I noticed two clogged pores have appeared.

I have taken 30 mg daily for over five months now and was breakout free for last two months. Didn't have any new acne breakouts. So I was thinking of... READ MORE

Is 20 mg of roaccutane a day enough to clear up my acne? (Photos)

Its been 10 days since i started my accutane treatment. I am taking 20 mg a day for 4 months and i weigh 50 kg. I was wondering if this dose would be... READ MORE

My dermatologist used laser on me while I'm on accutane; is it possible my skin got damaged?

I'm 19 years old my dermatologist but me on accutane 30 mg a day and i have acne scarring so i I asked him how i can get rid of the redness he said... READ MORE

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