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How Long Are Most People on Accutane?

I'm debating about talking to my dermatologist about getting Accutane. I have had moderate acne for YEARS and every time I go to the derma he just... READ MORE

Is It Better to Take Accutane in Morning or Night?

I am wondering if any dermatologists recommend a time of day for Accutane (if you are only taking one pill per day)? I read that some people have... READ MORE

How Long After Stopping Accutane Should I Wait Before I Can Drink Again?

Going on a trip were drinking may be involved. This happens to be at the end of my treatment. How long should I wait? READ MORE

How Long I Should Wait After Stopping Accutane to Get Pregnant?

I am a 32 female , my doctor put me on accutane before 2 weeks to treat my mild acne, the starting dose is 10 mg. daily. i am to stay on accutane 4... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait for Acne Scars /discoloration to Go Away?

I finished 6 months of Accutane in January. I was told I had mostly hyper pigmentation but have a few textural scars. My doctor told me I could resume... READ MORE

Getting Pregnant a Month After Last Accutane Safe?

My last accutane was on 10/5/2012. The next period start on 28/6/2012. Is it safe if i want to get conceive immediately after this period? READ MORE

I Almost Finish with my 6-month Course of Accutane. How Long After the Course Can I Start Applying Retin-A? How Should I Use It?

I am trying to use Retin-A/Differin to treat scars and indentations left on my face as well as skin maintenance. READ MORE

When Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol, Become Pregnant, Have IPL and More After Accutane?

Could you please advise how long i have to wait after finishing roaccutane to do the following, I have 1.5 weeks left and I have fininshed my course?... READ MORE

How Long After Taking Accutane Should I Wait Before Conceiving?

I am beginning a 6 month Accutane treatment for adult hormonal acne. How long after completing treatment should I wait before trying to conceive? READ MORE

Is Ok to Take Accutane Just for One Month?

Hello Doctors, my doctor gave me Roaccutan 20 mg. He explained me about the risk of pregnancy but didnt explain me much. Then i researched on internet... READ MORE

Is my Acne Severe Enough to Take Accutane?

I have 4 cystic pimples right now and plenty of other ones. I've used almost every topical acne prescription there is. I've taken... READ MORE

After Completing the Accutane Course, How Long is It Safe to Not Get Pregnant?

After completing the Accutane course, how long is it safe to not get pregnant? Will there be side effects of accutane even after stopping it? How long... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait After Accutane to Tan?

I'm on Accutane for folliculitis on my butt. I'm about to start my 5th month out of 6 and there is little to no improvement. The sun always helps my... READ MORE

How Long Does an Accutane Pill Take to Be Absorbed?

I know they're processed by the liver. How long does accutane take to "get out" of the stomach? the reason why i'm asking this is... READ MORE

I Was on Accutane for 6 Weeks Taking 40mg Twice a Week. When Can I Get Pregnant Safely?

I am a 23.year old mom of an 18 month old daughter and went on accutane 6 weeks ago and have now stopped taking it. My dosage was 40mg twice a week. I... READ MORE

Accutane and IPL?

I heard that after the accutane terrapy the IPL works very well for the red marks, well I want to get a few sessions but how long do I have to wait... READ MORE

Take Leftover Accutane from Previous Course?

Is it safe to take four 20mg pills of leftover Accutane pills to counter a current flare up after finishing a 4 month course of 80mg Accutane daily... READ MORE

Surgery while on Accutane? How long should you wait after Accutane treatment to have surgery?

I haven't looked into this at all so I have no idea if this is something that could even be considered. READ MORE

Can I go swimming while I'm on Accutane? Also, when do lots of breakouts happen before it starts to calm down?

I just started using accutane, still on my first week, can i go swimming while being on the medication? Also, i heard that accutane causes lots of... READ MORE

How soon after finishing a course of Accutane can I get my eyebrows waxed?

I started 40mg of Accutane once a day on February 20th 2014 and finished July 19 2014. My skin never became very dry or anything, I just had... READ MORE

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