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Is my acne severe enough for Accutane? (Or whatever the brand is nowadays) (Photo)

My acne is a big issue in my life since I act and model part time. I was wondering If my acne is bad enough for Accutane ? I really wanna take it so I... READ MORE

Should I take Accutane? (photos)

Is my acne cystic / bad enough for accutane? I've had acne for 5-6 yrs, taken 5-6 diff antibiotics, lots of creams, birth controls, spironolactone.... READ MORE

Will Sprionolactone Help Reduce the Acne Flare Associated with Stoping Antibiotics?

I am on 100mg of Sprionolactone (about 2 months now) along with Minocycline. I am starting to wean myself off the Minocycline (taking a probiotic now... READ MORE

Can I take Accutane while on Spironolactone? 23 year old woman, 100 mg dose of spiro

I want to be done with acne so I want to give accutane a try but I also don't want to explode with acne if I get off of spiro. My questions are: Is it... READ MORE

Can accutane help with hidradentis Suppurativa?

I have horrible acne. I used to be on spironolcatone &'it worked but I would be getting my period every week & could not live like that. I... READ MORE

My daughter is on that 30 day waiting period to start Accutane. Is there any non-oral treatment for acne and brown PIH?

At this time she's on Minocycline 100mg 2x/day and spironolactone to 50mg 2x/day. She's still on the fence regarding accutane since there's a... READ MORE

Prescribed spironolactone and accutane concurrently. How do they work together? Can I also take vitamin E and B complex?

I am 30yo, female with mild but persistent hormonal adult acne. I have just been prescribed the Spironolactone (50mg/day) and Accutane (10mg/day).... READ MORE

Does skin peeling on the face occur while on accutane?

I am 46 y/o and never had acne until I turned 40. I was recently prescribed 30mg of accutane twice a day for adult acne after trying everything else... READ MORE

Is it okay to take Spironolactone 25 mg, Glucophage XR 500 (3x a day), and Accutane all together?

I have been on Spironolactone and Glucophage for almost 2 years or more for hirsutism. Recently I've been having too many breakouts and I developed... READ MORE

Will Accutane work for moderate hormonal cystic acne? Currently on Spironolactone and BCPs and nothing's working

Dealing w/ acne since 13 & now 23 with mod. hormonal cystic acne, but I still break out when not on my cycle. I've used minocycline, doxy, solodyn,... READ MORE

Mild-moderate but persistent acne, should I take Accutane?

I am a 21 yo female, 110 lbs have had acne since I was probably 13, seen a dermatologist since I was probably 15. Have tried topicals and antibiotics... READ MORE

My doctor prescribed 20 days low dose Isotretinoin for my acne treatment, will this be effective or will it worsen the problem?

Doctor prescribed these medicines for my acne treatment beside laser therapy. Spironolactone 50mg per day Cyprotron compound(diane) for 3 months... READ MORE

30 yr old female at end of 3rd Accutane round. Why's acne back? Confused. (photo)

Acne returns 1 month after every Accutane round. Periods normal. Immediate congestion from nuts, tea, wine, some food. Never had such food reaction... READ MORE

Is Roaccutane the best option for my persistent (10+ years) acnaic skin? It has always been on the cards by my dematologist.

I have been taking spiro for nearly 3 years, before this I have struggled with persistent moderate acne that flares up with hormones.Although the... READ MORE

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