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Roaccutane for the Second Time. Options? (photo)

A couple of years back I was prescribed Roaccutane, it cleared my skin, but now my acne has returned with vengeance! I went back to the doctor and... READ MORE

What Should I Do if my Acne Come Back After Taking Accutane?

I've been on and off on accutane. I was supposed to be 6 months course of accutane (40mg), but stop at 4 months due to side effect, or maybe... READ MORE

2 Months Off From 6 Month Accutane Treatment and Breaking Out Again?

I was on Accutane for 6 months ( I had mild acne and amoxicillin would only work) I have been off of it for 2 months and have begun to break out again... READ MORE

After Accutane, Will My Acne Reoccur? Mother Had Acne in Her 30s. Is it Hereditary?

Hi,I am a 26 year old male who's had cystic acne since I was 17.My cystic acne is a kind of aggressive one because I get on the back,buttocks,hands... READ MORE

Can Sweating Reactivate my Oil Glands and Make Acne Come Back After Accutane?

I ended my accutane a month and a half ago and want to start exercising because i've been pretty sedentary for the last months (during treatment). Of... READ MORE

Off Accutane After 3 Months. Will Acne Come Back?

Hey, dermatologist just took me off accutane for 3-4 weeks to try and see if my blood work will get back to normal. I have been on it for a full 3... READ MORE

When to Start Worrying About Acne After Accutane (1st Course)?

Hi, I had severe acne for about 3 months before i was prescribed 80mg of accutane a day for 6 months. I was clear after 3.5 months and when I finished... READ MORE

Acne Relapse After Accutane?

I took accutane when I was 17 years old for about 6 months, From the time the treatment was finished up until last summer I had no problems with acne... READ MORE

Does Accutane help incase of white heads?

I have never had acne during my teenage, however they started occurring when I touched 20s. the biggest problem with me is that I get more of... READ MORE

Second Time on Accutane What Are Chances of Relapse with This Course and Can I Take my Valcyclovir with It?

I am a 32 year old female who has already been on accutane once. I started getting acne and rosacea at age 30 . I was perscribed 5 month course... READ MORE

Chances of Acne coming back after Accutane?

Im a 20 year old female, i was on 10mgs for 3 months and 50mgs for 5 months.. im not really sure what my acne would have been classified. but everyone... READ MORE

Low dose Accutane?

Hello everybody! What are your thoughts on low dose Accutane? 20mg for 8 months? I was prescribed 20mg per dat for 8 months. I'm 24, 6 foot 1, 210... READ MORE

Will Acne Come Back if I Go off After 3 Months of 5-month Course of Accutane?

I was wondering if it is likely that the acne will come back if I go off accutane after just three months? I have been on accutane for almost 3 months... READ MORE

Can my son be allergic to Accutane? He was on it was 5 months and restarted this week because of acne reoccurance.

My son took his 3rd 40mg dose last night. 6 hours after taking the medication he woke up with red itchy swollen hands and one itchy knee. I gave him... READ MORE

Hi, I finished my previous 6 month course of Roaccutane in April, and it has began to return to a very minor degree in contrast.

Dermatologist said would recommend a second course just to save me the problem for life and having to use acne prone skin washes etc. If I start on... READ MORE

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