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Roaccutance Breakout After 6 Weeks of Use?

I have been on roaccutane for about 6 weeks, acne cleared really well until about 7 days ago it started breaking out again. does this mean it have... READ MORE

Discoloration and Indentation on Accutane? (photo)

I've been on accutane 40mg for 2 months (and Diane 35) with great results.. Last week hairdresser colored my hair. 30 hours later i suddenly without... READ MORE

Is It Normal That Accutane Worked for my Back but my Face Got Worse?

I am in my 5th month in accutane , and my back got really clear , but my face has gotten worse , i had mild acne on my face , but what i feel that my... READ MORE

Should I Be on a Higher Dose of Accutane if No Improvement After 2 Months?

I've been on Accutane for 2 months now, and I haven't seen any improvement at all so far... is it from now on that my skin is supposed to... READ MORE

Why is my face still producing oil?

I've been on accutane for 2 months now and my face is still producing oil. It isn't as oily as it was before accutane but you can still see a little... READ MORE

Why am I breaking out after stopping Accutane?

My doctor told me I no longer needed to continue taking the pill (two a day everyday) and now about 2 weeks later I'm breaking out and it looks awful... READ MORE

Why isn't my skin clear with Accutane?

I started accutane 10 days ago, at the time my acne was getting better but i still had it. I then started accutane and now my skin is horrible! i have... READ MORE

Since Using Roaccutane, My Face has Been Very Dry and I Don't Sweat on My Face?

I used roaccutane 50 tablets of 20 mg (isotretinoin) and since than my face are very dry and i dont sweat in the face Area . this was about 7 month... READ MORE

I have been using Isotretinoin ( 20mg) for 3 months but did not find any difference in acne. What could be the reason?

Im 28yrs old ( married) and had mild acne since teenage. I used to get 3-4 acne when I get my monthly periods. In may 2015 my face was fully red and... READ MORE

Why do doctors split Accutane into two doses?

Doctor has me on 40mg a day but wants me to take 20 morning and 20 at night. Why not just do one dose of 40mg a day? It's much easier to remember this... READ MORE

Why is my acne returning after 2 courses of Accutane? What are my next steps?

Hi, so i have been on accutane twice, the first time for approx 5 months, 2nd for 6. When I went on acutane for the 2nd time and my acne was gone... READ MORE

Accutane round two - how can acne get worse after round two?

I am considering accutane again got round two of the course. A few people have said that their acne got a lot worse after round two and wish they... READ MORE

Why do I get a weather beaten look when I go outside? Could this be because I've been on long courses of Accutane?

Whenever I go outside in my contacts, my eyes just get a tired look and I start to look a lot different. I've been on long courses of accutane, could... READ MORE

Why is my skin oily with whiteheads? (Photo)

I am on accutane 20mg daily from one month but my face is fully oily with white heads. my back is cleared so much but my face turning red.I want to... READ MORE

Why has my acne returned, after 6 cures with Accutane? I am going to start the 7th.

I made 1 cure with 40mg for 6 month, and 5 more cures with 10mg for 6 months each. What am i doing wrong and how many more cures i can make? READ MORE

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