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Accutane Treatment to Begin Soon when to Stop Minocycline?

I am 44 and always had acne, not severe but persistant and scaring with my olive complection. Doc tried everything else OC & precrip creams and... READ MORE

For a Healthy Adult Male, is There a Special Diet Recommended with Accutane?

Given optimal lab results to begin with, is there a special diet recommended with a course of accutane for adult males (mid 30s)? Additionally,... READ MORE

Accutane and Minocycline. Can They Be Used Together?

Can Minocycline (200mg/day dosage or higher?) be used during the initial month of an Accutane course to minimize early flare ups? READ MORE

Will Sprionolactone Help Reduce the Acne Flare Associated with Stoping Antibiotics?

I am on 100mg of Sprionolactone (about 2 months now) along with Minocycline. I am starting to wean myself off the Minocycline (taking a probiotic now... READ MORE

How long do people usually have to take Accutane?

I was on Doxycycline for a few months, then Minocycline and my face was clear but recently I've been getting whiteheads and little acne spots here and... READ MORE

How long after taking Minocycline do patients usually have to wait before starting Accutane?

Or is there any gap in between ending minocycline and starting accutane? READ MORE

How to get rid of Perioral Dermatitis while on Accutane? (photos)

I started Accutane (Myorisan 40mg 2x/day) about 3 weeks ago. Now, my Perioral Dermatitis has come back (I was diagnosed a few months ago, was... READ MORE

My daughter is on that 30 day waiting period to start Accutane. Is there any non-oral treatment for acne and brown PIH?

At this time she's on Minocycline 100mg 2x/day and spironolactone to 50mg 2x/day. She's still on the fence regarding accutane since there's a... READ MORE

What are my treatment options for adult acne? I feel restricted due to other health issues.

I need to get my adult acne under control, I have cystic and large/painful acne that is scarring my face. I was on minocycline for over 2 years, which... READ MORE

What is the dosage of Minocycline I should ask my dad to prescribe me?

I have had little to none acne and good skin for most of my life but 8 months ago i had this terrible allergic reaction. It was a terrible reaction... READ MORE

Minocin MR and Accutane. Will it affect how the Accutane works?

So my derm has just prescribed me Minocin Mr to control my breakouts during accutane and has told me to carry on with it. I'm 3 months into my... READ MORE

Should I start Accutane again ?

Went to a derm, she prescribed me accutane ,but it was 10mg/day ..and she also prescribed minocyclin along with it. went on it for 2 months at 10mg/... READ MORE

Accutane for arm acne, will it work?

Dear, since I was 17 (now 23), I was starting to get arm acne (both under and upper arms). I went to several dermatologist and tried different things... READ MORE

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