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What Are the Medications That I Can't Take with Accutane?

Can i take multivitamins, potassium supplements, panadol night or Sibutramine while am on accutane? READ MORE

Daughter Went On Accutane and Her Liver Enzymes Went Up. Discontinued, What Are Her Options?

My daughter went on accutane and within 2 weeks her liver enzymes went to 39. She was taken off the medication and her enzyme level continued to go up... READ MORE

Can I Take Zyrtec, Pills for Allergy, While Taking Accutane?

Hello, I am on Accutane treatment for 4 months now and so far it has gone well (i had slight mood swings and sometimes blurred vision but nothing... READ MORE

I'm on Accutane and I Get Really Bad Head Aches. What Kind of Medicine Could I Take to Help with That?

I know that some medicine you cannot take with Accutane. I take Ibuprofen sometimes, my dermatologist said thats OK, but it doesn't always get rid of... READ MORE

Can I Take Paracetamol While on Accutane?

I am on accutane 50mg.It is been 3months now and I am scared that causes my liver .I would like to know if I need to take victamin C to protect my... READ MORE

Can Accutane make me gain weight?

Hello I'm using Accutane I just wanna ask if this medicine can make me fat ? Thank you READ MORE

Take Leftover Accutane from Previous Course?

Is it safe to take four 20mg pills of leftover Accutane pills to counter a current flare up after finishing a 4 month course of 80mg Accutane daily... READ MORE

Can I Take Supplements While on Isotretinoin (ACCUTANE)?

I am on a dosage of 30 mg of Isotretinoin. I am used to taking supplements but now that I have started Accutane I reconfigurated my scheme as it... READ MORE

Can I get a tattoo 4 months post accutane.

I took accutane for 4 months and have now been off the medication for 4 months. I am going to Vancouver next week and am wondering if it would be okay... READ MORE

OK to Take Cymbalta While on Accutane?

Is it ok to be taking Cymbalta to treat my anxiety while on Accutane? I know sometimes Accutane can be associated with causing depression. I'm... READ MORE

I'm only two weeks into Accutane (absorica) only on 20 mg. Is it safe to get a tattoo this soon into the treatment?

I am thinking of getting a tattoo within the next couple of days. I am not feeling any different yet since it is still really early but i wanted to... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Alcohol on Accutane Results?

Does it slow down the medications action? Or does it "only" have a bad effect to the liver. Thanks. READ MORE

I'm am taking 60mg of Accutane, could that be why my period has been off lately?

I'm 18 years old and abstinent, the medication already makes me very sleepy. READ MORE

What Other Medications Can Be Used with Accutane?

I currently started taking accutane 40 mg/ day. I am just wondering if it is ok to 1. Take benzoyl peroxide while on teh medication ? 2. Take differin... READ MORE

Can I Use Other Medicine for Acne After Using Unfinished Dose of Roaccutane?

I did not finished using roaccutane. i took the medicine for only 4 months and because i haven't seen any improvement on my face, i decided to... READ MORE

Will drinking an excessive amount of alcohol while on Accutane endanger my life?

Im on 30 Mg of Accutane a day and I drink a lot like once or twice a week i drink about 12 shots of vodka and two beers. but at this one party i... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Duromine While Taking 40mg of Accutane?

I am currently on Accutane for about 17days, but I would like to also take Duromine for weight loss. Can u pls advise accordinly. Thanks READ MORE

Permanent headache when on Accutane 10mg, what to do?

I was 5 days on Roacctuane 10mg when I started having headaches, they were not painful, but more like pressure all over my head. After 2 days of this... READ MORE

Im out Of(erythromycin) and Im on the 31st Day of Accutane Should I Take It Anymore ?!

Hi im on the 31st day of oratane(roaccutane) my doctor prescribed me erythromycin with it for 2weeks and gave me a 1 repeat prescription im out of my... READ MORE

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