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Will lowering dose increase skin healing on accutane?

I am currently taking 20mg/day of Roaccutane (been on for 3 months) and active acne has decreased greatly however any new marks I do get no matter how... READ MORE

Will a low dose if Accutane actually work over time?

I can only take a low dose of Accutane (40mg x 3 per week) 20mg other days.. if my dosage is any higher I get really sick. I have read that this will... READ MORE

Can I lower the Accutane dosage for the summer period?

At the moment I am on my 3rd week of second accutane course and I am taking 40mg per day. My skin has already cleared and looks pretty good. Summer is... READ MORE

Accutane causing Hypopigmentation/depigmentation! help!

Before starting accutane I got a TCA peel. After the peel I was left with a little hypopigmentation but it went away after about 3 weeks. after the... READ MORE

Lower Cumulative Accutane Dosage for Mild Acne?

I am a 25yr old male and weigh 145lbs. I just started taking Accutane two weeks ago for mild, but persistent acne, and am currently on 30mg/day. I've... READ MORE

Can I lower my Accutane dosage from 40mg to 20mg per day during my school finals? Also, can I moisturize with bioderma BB baume?

I live in a third country where you can hardly find expert doctors. I have started with 40mg ,and noticed some dry lips and face, however i had mild... READ MORE

Why does acne become worse with the first use of isotretinoin?

I don't usually get pimples but this year a lot of white heads appeared in my cheeks, and few pimples im my foreheads. And when i showed it to a... READ MORE

Resistance to accutane after prior successful courses?

I went on my 1st accutane course at 18 and it worked. In my 20s my acne came back and got worse. So in 2016, in my 30s, I went on accutane 40mg/day... READ MORE

Lowering Accutane dose from 60mg to 40mg? (Photo)

I have struggled with mild acne for many years but nothing seemed to work, I am now on accutane started with 40mg a day for 2 weeks and I now on 60mg... READ MORE

I have to lower my dosage to 20mg. Will my face stop improving?

My initial dosage was 30mg. On my third month I increased it to 40mg and some days I took 50 mg. However, on my last blood test, the transaminases... READ MORE

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