Isotretinoin + Accutane

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Will 2 Weeks of Isotane Treatment Work?

I just had my acne treatment (emla) and My doctor gave me 15 capsules of isotane to use for 2 weeks. I afraid my isotane treatment wont work well and... READ MORE

Isotretinoin and Supplement Interaction?

Good day doctors. I just started taking 30mg Isotretinoin a couple of days ago. I have several questions that I would like to ask my derma but we... READ MORE

Taking Isotretinoin for 2 month 20mg/day! but when I Take Bath or Brush my Hair I See Hair Loss?

My age is 20 and gender male..and iam taking 20mg/day..i see hair loss whenever i take bath or brush my hair i see hair loss more then ever before..... READ MORE

Should I Stop Taking Accutane? (photo)

This is how I look after 18 days of sotret 30mg/day,when I told my dermatologist on the phone the situation he told me to stop the accutane for 4-7... READ MORE

Can I Take Isoface-Isotretinoin Forever?

I'm a female 39 yrs old, I've been taking Isoface for about 2 years now. At age 23 a dermatologist prescribed Roaccutane. I had to stop taking it... READ MORE

I Have Been on Isotretinoin for About 60 Days. Skin Responded Well to 10mg but with 20 I Have Acne, Redness and Hot Cheeks?

I have been on Isotretinoin sotret for 60 days.took 10 mg for 45 days &my skin responded well.became a lil dry, pimples went away, there was no... READ MORE

Didn't Take Isotretinoin Right After Meal. Should I Extend my Treatment?

I am currently on isotretinoin. My acne was not inflammatory, just lots of closed comedones so dr put me on a low dosage of 20mg for 10 months for a... READ MORE

Should I Stop Going to Gym While Using Isotretinoin?

My doctor tell me that this drug cause muscles and joints pain , so he asked my to stop doing strenuous exercise but fortunately i have no pain so... READ MORE

How to control drowsiness and sleepless caused by isotretinoin? And for my dry skin I use cetaphill is it comedogenic?

I am on week 2 of isotretinoin,I take 2 pills 20mg which is 40mg/day, and I sleep a lot, I used to sleep for 8 hours and take 1-2 hour nap in the... READ MORE

What is your thoughts on peeling with isotretinoin?

Am 24 y female on isotretinoin 20 mg for 4 months now ,i have dark spots which are really annoying me and seem to be persistent doctors here told me i... READ MORE

Is Isotretinoin Safe? Male, Moderate Acne.

Hi, I am male, diagnosed with moderate acne by my dermatologist and she prescribe me acnetrex (isotretinoin) with the dose of 10mg/day. My present... READ MORE

Are dry itchy skin rashes common while on isotretinoin? (photos)

Im currently taking 40 mg 2Xs daily of isotretenoin (Zenatane). Certain spots of the rash resembled ringworm so I started applying Lotrimin... READ MORE

Isotretinoin Causing Clogged Pores?

I have been on isotretinoin for 7 weeks but only on the full dose (1mg/kg) for 2 weeks. I have seen no improvement in my mild/moderate acne. I also am... READ MORE

I Have Been Taking 60mg Per Day of Isotretinoin and Am Starting to Feel and See Unusual Side Effects?

I had side effects at first but i always handle the drug well. until recently (especially when i started using conserta) these are the side effects i... READ MORE

Can I take Panadol while on accutane?

Hello, so far I am on day 4 of 20mg/day. I got a bad headache on day 3 and still have a slight headache on day 4. Is it ok to take panadol while on... READ MORE

Can I Take the Pill Every Alternative Day?

Currently, im taking oratane( 10mg isotretenoin) everyday with DUAC cream apply every night for about 9 months already and i have cleared skin after... READ MORE

Can I Take Supplements While on Isotretinoin (ACCUTANE)?

I am on a dosage of 30 mg of Isotretinoin. I am used to taking supplements but now that I have started Accutane I reconfigurated my scheme as it... READ MORE

Is it safe to take a low dose of Isotretinoin (Accutane) for a year?

I've been battling with hormonal cystic acne for years. I was prescribed accutane 6 yrs ago but the acne came back. My derm has put me on a low dose... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Tolerate the Side Effects of Isotretinoin? Is It Worth Those Side Effects?

I m 20 yrs old and having serious cystic acneMy dermo prescribed me acutret 20mg last year but I didnt took it coz of a long list of dangerous side... READ MORE

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