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Does Kaiser Insurance Cover Accutane?

I want to get on Accutane. I have Kaiser, will they take my insurance? READ MORE

Accutane For Mild Acne? Is it possible to get a low dosage?

Hi, I have mild acne, i've tried all topical's that haven't done the job. I heard a lot about accutane, but, my concern is of course the side effects.... READ MORE

Possible To Get Health Insurance Coverage for Accutane?

I am 22 yrs old, full time student, low income, and my current health insurance (Oregon health plan) doesn't cover it. Any suggestions? Please... READ MORE

Is Accutane covered by kaiser permanente insurance?

I have kaiser insurance through my current employer. I wanted to know if that insurance will be covered. I have heard expenses can be in the hundreds... READ MORE

Hi I Want to Know How Much is the Rate of Roacuttane with Coverd Insurance?

How many percent of price woud be coverd by insurance? i have took roacuutane in my conutry,and now i want to go to the doktor ,but i want to konw if... READ MORE

Finished all the paperwork to get started on Accutane. How much will it cost me since I have no insurance? (photo)

Hello, I just filled out all the paper work to get started on Accutane. My doctor said it takes about 30 days to get started and I just got on the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Accutane from a Canadian or off-shore pharmacy tested for authenticity?

My physician has prescribed Accutane. Unfortunately, even with my insurance, the monthly cost is astronomical. I have found Accutane available through... READ MORE

Should I get insurance or pay out of pocket?

Hi, I currently decided to try accutane, I dont have insurance or anything, should I get a insurance coverage or pay out of my pocket? Which one cost... READ MORE

How to get accutane prescribed and how to get an affordable insurance plan for me individually? (Photos)

When I had health insurance I would go see a dermatologist and they would prescribe me epiduo, cetaphil and even some pills nothing was working . Soon... READ MORE

How Much Does Accutane Cost?

What will a course of Accutane cost me, or roughly how much is it to fill the prescription? Does insurance cover anything? READ MORE

What is the Best Type of Accutane Regimen That is Given to Eliminate Acne and Other Conditions Long Term?

Is a high dose or a low dose more succesfuly used to eliminate acne long term? What type of regimen ( high, low) is used for rosacea, or excessively... READ MORE

Accutane Covered by Insurance Only if Under 25?

At 43 I still have cystic acne. My doctor prescibed Accutane, but at the pharmacy I was told my insurance only covers Accutane until age 25. I paid... READ MORE

Will 40 mg of Accutane for five months be enough to help my acne?

I'm 200 lbs with treatment resistant acne. I'd typically have 20-30 comedones 2-4 papules and on occasion 1-2 cysts. I had similar back acne. My... READ MORE

Will GHI CBP cover accutane?

I have called GHI (Emblem health) to ask this but I one has been clear with me. My dermatologist has never prescribed me anything that wasn't covered,... READ MORE

How can I find out if Accutane is covered by my insurance?

How can I find out if accutane is covered by my insurance? READ MORE

How long can I be off of Zenatane before I have to start the 6 months all over again?

I have not had Zenatane for 3 days now; and I am waiting on my insurance to approve it. I just found 10 pills but the doctor wants me to start taking... READ MORE

I am I able to continue taking Accutane after a month because of insurance. Can I drink alcohol after a week of not taking it?

I don't drink too often and haven't since I started taking the medicine. My friends birthday is coming up and we are planning on have a few drinks.... READ MORE

Will I break out if I miss 10 days of Absorica?

I have been on Accutane for 4 months (Amnesteem for 3 months and Absorica for 1 month). Due to my doctor being out of town and issues with my... READ MORE

Accutane without insurance coverage?

I was prescribed Accutane by my dermatologist, but after just looking at my benefits plan through my health insurance it looks like my insurance won't... READ MORE

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