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Coloring Hair While on Roaccutane?

I am using Roaccutane and I have been told that I cannot color my hair. Is this true? I usually have the tip cap on and the hair colour doesnt touch... READ MORE

Hair Dye 1-2 Weeks After Accutane?

Can I dye my hair 1-2 weeks after stopping low dose (20mg) Accutane? I've heard that you should wait 1-2 weeks after Accutane to dye your hair... READ MORE

Can Accutane Trigger Male Pattern Baldness?

I took accutane for 6 months and noticed my hairline receded drastically on both temples. Could the accutane have triggered male pattern baldness? READ MORE

I'm using Accutane 20 mg and my skin hurts especially upon contact with anything even my hair. Is this normal? (photo)

Im 23 yrs just graduated from dentistry college and im taking accuatine for the 3rd acne is getting worse and it hurts me so badly even when... READ MORE

Can I do the 'Brazlian Blowout' treatment for my hair while I am on Accutane?

I just started taking accutane. It has been 8 days. Is it safe to do the 'Brazlian Blowout' treatment for my hair? I can't find any information about it. READ MORE

Can I take hair vitamins with Isotretinoin?

I've just started week 4 on accutane, for over a week I take 10mg per day. After only 2 weeks on 20mg my doctor reduced my dose to 10mg, and we will... READ MORE

What Dosage of Accutane Should I Use to Reduce Hair Sebum

What Dosage of Accutane Should I Use to Reduce Hair Sebum READ MORE

Hair getting rough on Accutane! I don't know what to do

It's my 14 week on 10 mg accutane; still getting pimples like never before. And my hair is getting dry and rough! I don't see any positive result from... READ MORE

Hair thinning last month of Accutane & continuing 1.5 months post. Is this TE?

Just finished a 5 month course of acctuane at 60mg, per month. I noticed during the last month that my hair line had really thinned, at this same... READ MORE

Can I take biotin vitamin for my hair while I'm on Accutane?

This is my 50th day on accutane and i was wondering if i could take biotin vitamin for my hair as my hair is falling out and is very thin? I take 20... READ MORE

Can I bleach my hair using hydrogen peroxide while on accutane?

I am brunette and want to bleach my hair blonde. I am on accutane for about 50 days. Is it safe to bleach my hair using hydrogen peroxide? READ MORE

How long will it take for my hair to return to normal after Accutane?

I am a 21 year old male, and I experienced hair thinning from Accutane. I have been off of it for three months now, but my hair is still quite thin.... READ MORE

When does hair shedding stop after going off accutane?

I have been off accutane for 2 weeks, yet my hair continues to fall out in clumps. When will this stop? READ MORE

After taking Accutane, my hair became damaged

I finished Accutane course before 2 months and half , but now my hair suffers from dryness , hair lossing and breakage . my hair type is curly/wavy ,... READ MORE

Hair burst and oratane?

Can I take hairburst vitamins for hair growth and hair lose while using oratane treatment, because oratane damages hair READ MORE

What is happening to my hair? Please help

I was taking acutane for acne. After i stopped it my hair began to fall out . And the hair it self begane to be thin in one part and thick in another... READ MORE

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