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Some Questions Regarding Accutane. Will Accutane Leave Marks? What Should I Avoid Eating?

Hello everyone I have a few questions about accutane. (1)What can I eat and what should I avoid? (2)Should I take any vitamins while on accutane?... READ MORE

When Starting a Second Course of Accutane, Does the Dose of the First Course Still Counts?

I am about to start a second course of accutane, in the past (first course, 4 years ago) I was on 30 mg per month for 6 months. I kept me clear for... READ MORE

Low Dose Accutane for Seborrhea

Dear Doctors, I have had excessive production of sebum (seborrhea) from my nose pores since I was 16 years old. Since 5 years ago I get seborrheic... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Cumulative Dose for Accutane?

I have read that the most effective cumulative dose for Accutane is between 120-150mg/kg. Does this only improve chances of Accutane efficacy if you... READ MORE

If you have moderate acne, will accutane work quicker?

I have moderate to severe acne. I have had it for about 3-4 years. Nothing has seemed to produce a positive lasting result. I have tried all the over... READ MORE

How Long Does an Accutane Pill Take to Be Absorbed?

I know they're processed by the liver. How long does accutane take to "get out" of the stomach? the reason why i'm asking this is... READ MORE

Missed 10 Days of Accutane (Isotretenoin) Due to Appt Conflict. Will This Effect the Results?

I have been on Accutane for 3 months exactly and im about 85% clear. IT really is an amazing drug. However, i had to stop taking it for 10 days due to... READ MORE

What is the Success Rate of Clearing Acne with Accutane? I Have Moderate Acne.

What is the Success Rate of Clearing Acne with Accutane? I Have Moderate Acne. READ MORE

Does a Second Course of Accutane Help with Old Acne Scars?

About a year ago had accutane because of my acne and I left me with a few scars. A year has passed and now my scars are just a few and not very deep,... READ MORE

Accutane Slow to Work After Four Months at 80mg. Need Advice.

Daughter 124lbs. Dose 40mg, 60mg, 60mg, 80mg, start of 5th mo 80mg. Progress VERY slow. Initial brkout worse then any prior to accutane. She still has... READ MORE

Will 20 Mg/day Ro-accutane Help?

I have been on accutane for 3 months from now i have mild to moderate acne been on 20mg/day but cant see a difference except oil gone from my skin ,... READ MORE

What Happens if You Miss a Month of Accutane?

I am away on vacation abroad and unfortunately i've only brought with me a months supply of accutane... I am on a modified accutane dose of 280mg only... READ MORE

I'm on Accutane and I Have a Few Questions, First Can You Speed Up the Process? Second, How to Treat the Breakouts Best?

I'm on a 5 - 6 months course 15 years old 2 1/2 months using it now Starting to get breakouts READ MORE

Do I have to take ro-accutane exactly same time everyday to increase the effect?

I'm taking accutane everyday anytime between 6 and 7:30 Pm. Is that's ok? Or I must take it exactly same time? Thank you! READ MORE

What Happen if I Stop Accutane for 3 Weeks?

What happents if let's say I go on accutane for 18 days but then i have to stop for 3 weeks and then re-take it? READ MORE

Exfoliante on Accutane? Can I Use AHA 8% From Paula's Choice?

I have tons of red marks and I'm only in my 3rd mouth of accutane , the course is 7 mouth, I was thinking to speed up the procces a little it takes a... READ MORE

Accutane and Bacteria. Can You Explain if the Bacteria is Killed?

Can someone please explain if accutane only kills bacteria in the skin to fight acne or if it kills all bacteria in the body. I am confused as to how... READ MORE

Is accutane 20 mg going to work for me? (photo)

I've been prescribed 20 mg per day and azithormycin from Friday to Sunday, im 5'2 and 50 kg. these photos are of me 2 weeks in, no major improvement,... READ MORE

Accutane Effectiveness and Random Pimples?

22 yrs female 120 lbs 80mg/day This is my final month of accutane, and I'm pretty happy with the results, though my doctor doesn't seem as thrilled.... READ MORE

Short Course of Accutane (3 Months)

I'm currently on a 3 month course of accutane. It's 40mg/day. So far I've seen great result. I started off with moderate acne and I now... READ MORE

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