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Can Accutane Be Prescribed to People with Depression/anxiety?

Would a dermatologist prescribe Accutane to someone with mild depression/anxiety? Does Accutane worsen the depression/anxiety symptoms? READ MORE

Is Accutane actually safe for teenagers with a history of depression and anxiety?

My 16 year old son has struggled with moderate/severe acne for 2 yrs. The older he gets, the worse it gets. He uses 2 topicals and has used oral... READ MORE

How Are Accutane and Depression Linked?

I don't understand how it is that an acne medication can cause people to get depressed or suicidal. Could someone please explain to me why??? My... READ MORE

Depression Side Effects from Accutane?

My daughter has previously suffered from MDD. What are the chances that Accutane will trigger another episode? READ MORE

Can You Stop Taking Accutane when the Side Effets Are Too Dangerous for the Mental Health?

My friend has depression and anxiety, so I want to know if she could stop anytime when it becomes too dangerous. Thanks. READ MORE

Has Anyone Experienced the Severe Depression That Doesn't Go Away, Even 3 + Years Later?

My son took accutane 3 years ago - he has never been the same. He still fights the depression, wild and random thoughts and other side effects that he... READ MORE

Is it okay to get Collagen Injections after 2 months off Accutane?

I wanted to know if it's ok to get collagen injections right after accutane. I've only been off about 2 months and my scarring seems to be mainly fat... READ MORE

Not Sure Whether to Go on Accutane or Not?

Hey everyone, I have no idea wheather or not I should go on accurane or not. I have moderate-severe acne, and have tried mincocycline, with no effects... READ MORE

6th Month on Ciscutane (isotretinoin) 40mg/day, having depression. Any suggestions?

I am 25yr/male 73kg took 20mg/day for 2 months and 40mg/day for 5 months and same dose of 40mg/day continuing for 6th month. I'm feeling severe... READ MORE

Do symptoms of depression increase or decrease with a higher dosage of Accutane?

I started on 40mg the first month of treatment and have been experiencing a lot of highs and lows. I'm much more easily aggitated. My self esteem is... READ MORE

Can you ask for something to help with the depression side effects while still taking Accutane?

I'm halfway through with my treatment (40mg, 2x a day) I noticed a change in my behavior and frankly don't care about pretty much anything, I'm also a... READ MORE

I have had terrible acne for 8 years and I desperately need advice on whether or not I should take Accutane, it's my last hope?

I've tried every topical out there. Then aldactone which was the worst decision of my life. I got depression, anorexia, bled for 2 months straight,... READ MORE

1.5 Months Using Accutane and Acne is Almost Gone, But Scars Remain and Are Making Me Depressed?

Iam Using Accutane Since 1 and a Half Month my Acne is Almost Gone but Scars Make Me Depressed and Can Depression Cause Acne? READ MORE

Does Accutane cause severe mood swings and depression? I'm under a lot of stress but could the Isotretinoin exacerbate this?

I'm more easily irritated and feel hopeless and tired the rest of the time. (This was going on before the Roaccutane (4 years) so not sure to what... READ MORE

Feeling anxiety depression and stress from my accutane prescription what should I do for work?

Hello I'm just wondering I started taking accutane and I'm working away from home without friends and family and girl friend, I notice I feel really... READ MORE

I have bloated face caused by ro-accutane.

I was on ro-accutane(20 mg) for about 6 months.I have already stopped taking the pill 2 months ago.But my face seems bloated a lot.Specially the sides... READ MORE

How long does this take to get out of your system? Is there anything else out there please help.

Hi all could do with some advice I've been on this a month now but came of it 5 days ago as I'm experiencing shooting pains in my head,my whole body... READ MORE

What should I do after Accutane?

I am 16 years old and I am a week away from finish my 5 month accutane course. I was wondering what I should do after my course is officially over? I... READ MORE

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