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While on Roaccutane Can I Used Face Wash & Scrub. Will It Not Exfoliate or Damage my Skin?

As i am doing a 5 months course on roaccutane for acne.I have been getting dry lips(a common side effect) .I have been on for the course for 2 months... READ MORE

Will a Three Week Delay Ruin my Accutane Treatment So Far?

If I have to quit taking acutane for 3 weeks in order to get it mailed, will it ruin my first 4 months of treatment? maxed out my insurance so went... READ MORE

Do I Have Benzoyl Peroxide Damage? (photo)

I abused from Benzoyl Peroxide for a period of 2 years. I have pretty bad redness/irritation from it which builded gradually. I thought my skin would... READ MORE

Am I allowed to take the Omega 3 oil supplement?

Hi there Im 110 lbs and on my second month of Roaccutane (40 mg a day), i would like to know if it is okay if i take the Omega3 fish oil ? and how... READ MORE

Red/Infrared Light Therapy for Fraxel Damage While on Accutane?

Hello, I've experienced surface texture damage caused by Fraxel 11 months ago, and two months ago I started a second course of Accutane. So far I've... READ MORE

I drink every weekend in college on Accutane; will it severely affect my liver?

I have about 5 drinks a weekend, sometimes 10 and take 80mg of Accutane. READ MORE

Damaged Accutane Pills?

I just picked up my latest 1-month supply of Accutane, and I noticed some of the pills look "damaged," i.e. some of them look like they have air... READ MORE

My joints crack easily on Accutane. Should I be concerned, and should I stop Accutane?

When I was younger, my knees would crack if I just bent them. Having finished puberty, I have not had this problem. However, after about 2 weeks on... READ MORE

I'm 16. on 40ml Accutane, on my 4th month and I drank a beer last night and smoked cigarettes. Have I damaged my liver?

I'm 16 years old on 40ml Accutane/Roaccutane for my acne on my 4th month and I drank a beer last night and smoked cigarettes , I'm so scared and... READ MORE

Can I use silicone sheets while taking Accutane?

Please don't take my concern for ignorance, I'm only curious, but can I still continue the use of the silicone sheets while on accutane? They seem to... READ MORE

A heavy drinking session on 40mg of Accutane. Could I have damaged my liver?

It's my friends 18th and we are going out to town and staying at a hotel overnight. It's safe to say I will be drinking a lot (probably like 5 pints... READ MORE

I've had a positive result on pregnancy. Will my baby will be damaged from Accutane?

I have taken 9 accutane tablets in the last month as it didn't agree with me. The last 26th Aug 14! I've just had 2 faint pos preg tests,i would have... READ MORE

Did Accutane Permanently Thin my Skin?

I took Accutane for 6 months back in 1996. My skin has never quite felt the same since (strange dry sensation). It is 2012 and I've begun to have... READ MORE

Damaged Skin After Accutane

I took accutane for a week(0.5mg/kg), and now 2 months after my skin is really bad. It is healing very, very slowly i have red marks for 2 months now,... READ MORE

Are there any supplements that I can take while on Accutane to prevent joint problems?

Are there any supplements that I can take while on accutane to prevent my joints from becoming stiff and permanently damaged after my course of... READ MORE

Will Taking Accutane After Rhinoplasty (Tip-plasty) Affect Results?

Hello Doctors :) I am a 35 year old female. I did a course of low dose accutane in 2007 for cystic acne. I am back to oily skin and acne (although I... READ MORE

After taking Accutane, my hair became damaged

I finished Accutane course before 2 months and half , but now my hair suffers from dryness , hair lossing and breakage . my hair type is curly/wavy ,... READ MORE

It's safe to take Isotretinoin in microdoses (8mg per 5-7 days)?

I've been taking Isotretinoin for two mounth in microdoses (8mg per 5 day now) in order to reduce skin's oil and prevent new acne. At this time I'am... READ MORE

Has Accutane permanently damaged my personality?

Hello, This is my 5th month on accutane. I have definetly become for irritable and mood swingy. My family has noticed how quickly I get angry and I... READ MORE

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