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What Product to Use After Finishing Roaccutane Treatment?

I want your advise. What product to use after finishing Roaccutane? I finished the treatment, and I have some red scars, which I hope will disappear... READ MORE

Hi, I've Been on Accutane for 1 Month, I Would Like to Know if I Can Use Bleaching Cream?

I have been on accutane now ts nearly 1 month and i would like to know if I can use beaching cream. thank you in advance READ MORE

May I Use Acne Creams While on Accutane? (photo)

Hello. I'm currently on my 5th and final month of 40mg of Claravis (Accutane) and thankfully it worked BUT, I got acne scars all over. Ice pick on my... READ MORE

Is it ok to use Cortizone 10 on my face while on Accutane?

Im on my second course of Accutane and my cheeks and nose are extremely red. Is it ok if I use Cortizone 10 on those areas? It seems to help with the... READ MORE

Can I use skinoren cream if I am pregnant? Is there intial breakout at the beginning of using the cream?

Dear doctors , Please help me as I am pregnant and need answers to my questions.thank you soo much READ MORE

How long does it take to see improvement in Accutane course?

I got acne just on my forehead(Oily skin), i'm in decutan (accutane) course i've taken accutane since 1 moth and 2 weeks and my acne become worest so... READ MORE

Could Accutane caused my wrinkles on my chin and loose skin? (photos)

I was on Accutane 8 months (1200mg culmulative dose). At the end of the treatment (about 6 month) I saw loose skin near my cheeks and chin. I used... READ MORE

Can We Use Ordinary Facial Creams Especially Night Cream While Onn Treatment Wid Accutane?

Can we use ordinary facial creams especially night cream while onn treatment wid accutane??? can we use turmeric on face? age 17. will accutane help n... READ MORE

I finished Accutane 2 mths ago, I'm left w/ scarring. I know I can't do Laser Resurfacing/Microdermabrasion. What about creams?

I know I can't do Laser Resurfacing / Microdermabrasion. least 6 months but what about creams? I read about Skin Doctors gamma hydroxy skin... READ MORE

On Accutane after a serieos reaction on cheeks due to dexona. Will Accutane help? (photo)

Iam suffered from serieos reaction due to dexona,on my cheeks and after nothing happened on having 1 month course of normal antibiotics and topical... READ MORE

Post Accutane skin care plan.

I am 22 year old female and just finishing up a full course of accutane (120mg/kg). A general practitioner prescribed and followed my care (I am in... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on combining Accutane and metronidazole cream for Acne Rosacea?

I have just begun Microdose Accutane for acne rosacea. Before that I was using metronidazole cream on my face daily. Can I continue using the cream... READ MORE

ASL/ALT elevations after Accutane. Should I be concerned?

Hi, I've been on Accutane for 20 days on a dosage of 20mg/day. I just did a blood test today and my ASL and ALT elevations are two times higher than... READ MORE

Does Accutane cure recurring folliculitis?

17yrsold been on all typs of antibiotic and creams and every over Da counter acne meds soaps creams topicals Alcohols Went 2derms docs ERs specialist... READ MORE

How to get rid of the acne scares ?

I took Accutane (40gm per day ) for exactly one year , and it just made my skin worse and worse , red scares are now on my cheek and after i fineshed... READ MORE

My Son is taking Accutane, his face has cleared. Is it safe to use creams or aloe to lighten the scarring while still on meds?

He has been on and off antibiotics as well due to a very large open lesion on his chest(looks like a chemical burn). He has also been on Prednisone.... READ MORE

Time for Accutane? (photos)

I have had acne on /off for about 6 years, never severe up until now (i think mod/severe?). I'm 21, my acne's gotten worse in past 6 months. I've been... READ MORE

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