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Can I Get a Tattoo While on Accutane?

Im on my second month of accutane and really want a tattoo. READ MORE

What Are the Medications That I Can't Take with Accutane?

Can i take multivitamins, potassium supplements, panadol night or Sibutramine while am on accutane? READ MORE

Can I Take Accutane and Hair Regrowth Treatments Concurrently?

Hello everyone. I think I've been "blessed" with my father's hereditary inclination for hair thinning/loss. While I've noticed a... READ MORE

Oil Tea Tree While on Accutane

Is it safe to use oil tea tree while being on accutane , does it have side effects ? READ MORE

Dermaroller and Accutane, Is this Okay?

I am just beginning to use dermaroller for my acne scar but at the same time I am also taking low daosage accutane i.e. 10mg twice per week. Is that ok? READ MORE

What Other Medications Can Be Used with Accutane?

I currently started taking accutane 40 mg/ day. I am just wondering if it is ok to 1. Take benzoyl peroxide while on teh medication ? 2. Take differin... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous to Take Lorazepam While on Accutane?

Will it cause any harmful/fatal reactions if these drugs are taken together? READ MORE

Can I get warts removed from my face on accutane?

I have 2 flat warts on my forehead in a row but i'm on my 4th month of accutane.. does that effect anything? they're really red and i can't deal with... READ MORE

Is Accutane Contraindicated in People with a Hx of Mental Illness? (photo)

Six years of bad acne with no OTC or prescription tx helping, my derm. recommended Accutane. The forms and side effects scared me. He did not seem... READ MORE

Will my Skin Purge on Retin-a 0.1% Post Accutane Course?

Hi,i'am almost finish with my accutane course,i will start retin-a 0.1% right after as a maintenance course...will my skin still purge on retin-a post... READ MORE

Accutane vs Eating "liver pate"

I'm on accutane. Can I eat "liver pate" in my diet? READ MORE

Can I Take Visanne While Roaccutane?

Hi I have been diagnosed with endometriosis firstly does roaccutane have any affect on endometriosis.. I have been on roaccutane for 4 months 40mg..... READ MORE

I'm about to start taking Isotretinoin, which supplements are contraindicated with this medication?

I recently started taking a multivitamin (Rainbow Light Men's One) which has 100% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A (as Beta-Carotene,... READ MORE

Can people who are already hard of hearing take accutane?

I read that in rare cases accutane might cause irreversible hearing loss. Statistics in internet report less than 0.05 % of hearing loss after taking... READ MORE

Accutane and birth control pill. Will isotrentinoin still help resolve her acne?

Are there cases where the pill is contraindicated during the use of Accutane? My daughter is not sexually active but started the pill in order to go... READ MORE

Accutane and steroids?

I know every one thinks steroids are a NO, and that if I discontinue them, acne will disappear. I am an athlete and i compete, therefore i never get... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Accutane After Having a Phenol Chemical Peel 6 months Ago?

I had a phenol chemical peel in June of 2011. I am now experiencing little white pimples (my dermatologist had a medical term for it, but I can't... READ MORE

Is being obese a contraindication of Accutane? Knowing that I don't have any other disease at all

I am obese , on healthy diet now , but still need time to loose the weight READ MORE

Can I Use Sex Enhancement Pills for Women Along with my Treatement with Roacuttane ?

Is it ok to take sex ehancement pills as I am on my treatment with roacuttane.My doctor advised me to take provestra (sex enhancement tablets) as I am... READ MORE

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