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How Long Does It Take Before a 5-month Course of Accutane Takes Effect?

How long would one have to wait after a 5 month course of accutane to get this procedure done? READ MORE

Chemical Peel or Laser Resurfacing After Accutane Treatments

I am done with the 6-month Accutane treatment, and now I am desperately waiting to get either a Chemical Peel or Laser Resurfacing for severe acne.... READ MORE

Birth Control Pill or Accutane for Treating Acne?

I've had a few consultations with dermatologists asking them if i could take accutane and the response was always no, because they only prescribe... READ MORE

Accutane vs. Vitamin A Supplements

Hi, I'm contemplating whether to do another course of accutane as it's the only thing that has ever worked to clear up acne. I know there are... READ MORE

Facial Treatment While Taking Oratane 10mg?

I am on Oratane isotretinoin 10mg per day course, and I'm wondering whether Oratane and Accutane are the same? I am on my second day of the oratane... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Wait 6 Months to Get Laser Hair Removal After Accutane, but Only 1 Month to Get Pregnant?

I know all of the "official" literature says that 1 is long enough to be off accutane before getting pregnant. Why is it that you aren't supposed to... READ MORE

Accutane Vs Red and Blue Light Therapy?

I had several side effects from Claravis (generic accutane) after a month and had to go off for trying to control VERY oily skin and moderate cystic... READ MORE

Is Zenatane better than Claravis?

I was on Claravis for the first month and now I'm on Zenatane. Is one less effective than the other or are they the same? READ MORE

Which is Better Cure for Pimples, Accutane or Laser Therapy Treatment?

Hi! I'm 23 and having pimples for 1 year. I'm thinking to take accutane as my pimples don't get any better after trying a lot of topical... READ MORE

Accutane or doxycycline ?

I went on roaccutane for the first time and finished the course about a year and a half ago. My results were fantastic. I stupidly got an Indian... READ MORE

What would you recommend for Accutane; Regular dosage 5-6 months or Low dosage longer time?

I have read many different opinions on this. My doctor said I have the choice and can do either one. Is there one way that has a high success rate of... READ MORE

Electrosurgical Device HR-5000: Better Than Accutane for Hormonal Acne?

Long story short: I have hormonal acne on my chin.I do not want to go on Accutane.After many hours of research, I found a few articles on something... READ MORE

Is there a difference between Accutane companies, such as one having a higher clearing rate?

I am taking Mylan Accutane and as truly wondering how it was compared to the others READ MORE

Question referencing one of realself's before and after accutane photos.

Okay, so in the before and after accutane treatment gallery, there is one of a male, and I think it's number 6 if that helps narrow the search - I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Dermabrasion? Laser Resurfacing? (Photo)

Hi! Oily, acne prone skin. I've been on Accutane many times and currently use Tazorac nightly. Is there any reason to choose Dermabrasion over Laser... READ MORE

Any hope for acne scars? I know I should be realistic and not expect a miracle. (photos)

I have boxcar and rolling scars. I dont know how severe they are but i want to treat them so they look better. Ive heard alot of options but i know... READ MORE

Should I change from Dianette to Accutane, and will it help skin as oily as mine?

Hi, Im 27 and I've had awful acne since I was about 13. I have the oiliest skin I've ever seen on a person it's awful. I started taking the acne... READ MORE

I'm taking 80 mg daily of Roaccutane. Is there a difference between brand and generic name? (photos)

Hello Doctors I have two Quesions first is it possible to take 80mg Roaccutane daily .. my weight is 85 kg .. the second Quesion is there a difference... READ MORE

Accutane vs roaccutane?

Hi im wondering whats the difference between roaccutane and accutane? Do these have effect on the ovaries and the ability to have babies in the future? READ MORE

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