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Facial Treatment While Taking Oratane 10mg?

I am on Oratane isotretinoin 10mg per day course, and I'm wondering whether Oratane and Accutane are the same? I am on my second day of the oratane... READ MORE

Accutane After Laser Skin Peel

Hi i was wondering if i could start a regimen of Accutane after I had a Laser Skin peel. I had the Laser on feb 12 and and have seen some results but... READ MORE

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery & Accutane

I am having arthroscopic knee surgery in 3 weeks to remove a piece of torn meniscus. I am currently on accutane – should I stop taking it? READ MORE

Is it Okay to Take Collagen and Vitamin C While on Accutane?

Is it Okay to Take Collagen and Vitamin C While on Accutane? READ MORE

Accutane and IPL Treatment Combination Safe?

I am seriously considering IPL treatment for some brown spots on my face and to even out my complexion (I'm 44). I have been taking low dose... READ MORE

Photo Dynamic Therapy During Accutane?

I'm going to start Accutane in a couple of days. I will also be doing Photo Dynamic Therapy treatments. Would this affect my face in any way? Is it... READ MORE

Can I Do Electrolysis Treatments on my Cheeks While on Accutane?

I usually do laser hair removal, but I know you can't do that while on Accutane, so how about electrolysis? READ MORE

Diane 35 along with isotretinoin?

I have polycystic ovaries and bad,persistant acne. My derm says that the best option for me is a low dose isotretion course along with the oral... READ MORE

Accutane and milk? I know you should take it with food, but I'm not sure if I should take it with milk.

I've heard you should not take pills with milk because they don't absorbe into your body as much. But I heard you should take accutane with milk? I... READ MORE

OK to Take Cymbalta While on Accutane?

Is it ok to be taking Cymbalta to treat my anxiety while on Accutane? I know sometimes Accutane can be associated with causing depression. I'm... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Lasik Eye Surgey Whilst on Roaccutane?

I am currently on roaccutane , just started 4th month of 6, i have experienced very few of the side effects: dryer, tighter skin on my face and... READ MORE

Are All Oral Contraceptive Pills Ok for the IPledge Requirement to Prescribe Isotretinoin?

Does it matter what 'generation' pill you are taking? I'm currently taking a estrogen/progestin combination pill (Zovia). READ MORE

Dermaroller and Accutane, Is this Okay?

I am just beginning to use dermaroller for my acne scar but at the same time I am also taking low daosage accutane i.e. 10mg twice per week. Is that ok? READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Use Accutane?

I am diagnosed with both depression and anxiety; however, my acne just makes everything worse. My dermatologist suggested that I start the Accutane... READ MORE

Can I take biotin vitamin for my hair while I'm on Accutane?

This is my 50th day on accutane and i was wondering if i could take biotin vitamin for my hair as my hair is falling out and is very thin? I take 20... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Duromine While Taking 40mg of Accutane?

I am currently on Accutane for about 17days, but I would like to also take Duromine for weight loss. Can u pls advise accordinly. Thanks READ MORE

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